Blueberry Khakras, anyone?

Vinaya Patil
Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Mumbai’s Nandini Raghavan has come up with a food portal that offers a blend of traditional and modern nibbles.

Mumbai’s Nandini Raghavan has come up with a food portal that offers a blend of traditional and modern nibbles.

Red velvet, blueberry, caramel, chocolate and what not! Just thinking about these flavours of ice creams, cookies and pastries makes you slurp. But someone has gone a step ahead, and come up with these flavours in our very own desi foods — khakras, kharis and puranpolis.
Yes, you read it right. Blueberry Khakras, Caramel Kharis and Dark Chocolate Puranpolis are real. Mumbai-based Nandini Raghavan came up with these traditional-modern blend foods and sells them through her venture Snaximum — a food portal.

Snaximum, that came into being earlier this year, offers traditional food items like khakras, kharis, breads, chips and polis with a twist. “My mentor was my husband. He supported me in this venture and gave me all the help I needed,” says Raghavan, who quit her full-time job to nurture Snaximum. What’s with the name? “As is evident it’s a combination of snacks and maximum. Maximum because we want to take it to the maximum people. Also, another subtle idea behind it is the existence of the word ‘mum’, which always reminds us of our traditional food,” Raghavan explains.

Speaking of the functioning of the portal, Raghavan says that the team believes in delivering items fresh. “We prepare things only after we get an order and thus do not have the immediate delivery option unlike other websites,” she says adding that as of now all their products are being sold rapidly with nothing going waste. “The Herb Garden, Choco Chunk and Pesto Almond Breads are among the most selling items.  The Dark Chocolate Polis are also much in demand,” she points out. The Baked Beetroot Chips are sold 30 a day as of now.

The outlet operates thanks to its kitchens in Mumbai’s western suburbs — Borivali, Goregaon, Dahisar, and Vile Parle. “These items are addictive. You have them once and you want more. We thus have people coming back to us for the same things,” Raghavan tells us.
What next? “We plan to go to more cities, yes. But we also are working on standardising our taste. A Red Velvet Khakra sold in Mumbai must taste the same as a Red Velvet Khakra sold in Delhi. Since we also want to go retail soon, this is a very important step,” she signs off.

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