A bitter-sweet goodbye

Amrita Prasad
Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Shutterbugs share their images captured during bidaai, an emotional moment in any wedding

The sight of a bride leaving her family behind — eyes full of tears and heart swelling with emotions, beginning a new journey in her life — is bound to make most of us emotional. Call it bidaai, vidaayi, doli or pathawni, the final ritual of any wedding in India marks the bride’s new journey where she takes up several new roles — a wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law — and a new abode. 

Moments captured during bidaai, when the bride’s parents bid farewell to their daughter with their son-in-law, find a special place in every wedding album and photographers too connect with these moments. Everytime you close a wedding album, you are left with visuals of the bidaai.

City-based photographer Vikram Moghe, who captured a beautiful shot of a bride sharing an emotional moment with her mother in Spain, says capturing bidaai moments is all about capturing the emotions. “It’s about trying to capture the tenderness and depth of the relation between the bride and her parents and not just take a picture with everyone crying,” adds Moghe.

Although the time, rituals and the manner in which this farewell takes place differs across India and the world, the emotion is universal and wedding photographers too cannot remain untouched by it. Aabha Chaubal, city-based shutterbug, says, “Sometimes I choke up while clicking these photos. When I take photos of a bride, I try to understand her bond with her family and feel what she does on some level, so that I can capture it. These emotions are so powerful I don’t need to do much to make them beautiful.”

When everyone is so overwhelmed with emotions, do they find it difficult to capture these delicate moments? Answers Moghe, “The only challenge is to maintain space and distance to preserve the sanctity of this highly emotional moment. I want to capture the moment as unobtrusively as possible.”

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