Beauty beyond appearance

Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Mohini Sharma Mane, founder of Mrs India Inc, talks about the purpose behind the pageant and more

Of late there has been a rise in the number of beauty pageants. But a beauty pageant is more about personality than beauty, Mohini Sharma Mane, founder of Mrs India Inc, tells us.

Mohini, who claimed the crown of Mrs World India in 2016, says that back then, she was not exposed to as many opportunities, grooming and guidance sessions as today’s women are. After winning the crown, she decided to relaunch the pageant because she wished to groom women and bring out the best in them with the help of experts in the industry. 

The idea behind her venture — Mrs India Inc, then is to create a platform that would identify a woman’s potential and bring out the best in her. She hopes that this pageant creates better versions of women so that one day they can represent India at an international level and bring back the crown that once Aditi Gowitrikar fetched for India.

Today, we see a lot many pageants catering to married women. Mohini points out that married women often cut themselves off from the world when they get busy with household work and stop paying attention to themselves and their needs. So these beauty pageants are coming up for the married women who deserve to be recognised for their potential. 

“These days women participating in beauty pageants are judged beyond their beauty and for the person that they are, the experiences that they have lived and the difference that they are making in the lives of their family and society,” Mohini says.   

She is of the opinion that every woman deserves a platform to showcase her beauty, talents and intelligence and the pageant was revamped to empower women. Most of the women in India have worked hard all their lives, be it at home for their family or in the office to climb up the corporate ladder, but a few are still struggling to get a break or a platform that would respect them for who they are and help them reach new heights. 

“We want to encourage women to live their life on their own terms and begin a new journey knowing that it is never too late, even when you’re married,” she says.

Having been a part of beauty pageants, Mohini has seen the definition of beauty evolve over the years. “Beauty pageants have become more about learning from each other and celebrating womanhood and feminism,” she says. 

She points out that it is much more than winning a title or a crown. “A pageant gives a sense of confidence and encouragement to women to believe in themselves and an ability to push themselves beyond their limits,” she adds. 

Through the pageant, Mohini wants to provide the best possibilities to women with the help of experts. “The idea is not just to nurture them for a contest but shape them for the long run. At Mrs India, it is not only about winning a title but celebrating each and every woman out there and pushing them forward and making it a memorable journey for them.”

Talking about the future of the platform, Mohini points out that they also have plans of rolling out Mrs Transqueen, a pageant dedicated to transwomen. “For a very long time, their existence has been neglected by society and it is time we compensated for the bad that we have done towards them by accepting them and nurturing them in a loving way,” she says mentioning that this particular pageant will be held next year.

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