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K Shivraj  
Sunday, 23 July 2017

The new Harley Davidson Street 750 ABS is comfortable and confidence inspiring

The first new motorcycle platform since the V-Rod appeared 13 years ago, Harley-Davidson Street 750, for 2017, has been armed with the latest generation ABS. Marking this significant change is a two-tone paint job. Seeking a strong connection with the other bigger cruisers from the Harley Davidson stable, the Street 750, at Rs 5.18 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi, is among the most affordable Harley Davidsons in town. If there’s something even more affordable, it is the all-black coloured Street 750, which costs Rs 4.98 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. 

Incorporating ABS for the price, the Street 750 moves up the safety ladder. It is also confidence inspiring and comfortable now. The ABS does not lock the wheel, especially when negotiating a treacherous stretch of road with blind corners. The ABS does not dilute the braking effort, but prevents the wheels from locking, making it safe and comfortable. With the inclusion of ABS, the brakes now align well with the performance of the bike, which is good. 

The 749cc 60-degree V-twin engine of the bike produced a peak torque of 59Nm at 3,750 rpm. That enables the bike to exert a good pull. Quick and capable of covering kilometres at good speeds, the Street 750 has power flowing to the road in an easy manner. For a cruiser bike of these proportions, the Street 750 delivers good performance indeed. 

Weighing 233kg, the Street 750 is not light. In the city, its length calls for some manoeuvring. The good part is, the bike feels quite manageable and the ride quality is good. The MRF tyres, designed specifically for the bike, do a good job of cushioning the irregularities and provide a fair amount of grip under a variety of conditions. 

The suspension or the chassis-frame of the Street 750 has not been tweaked, but the bike feels nimble compared to its predecessor. It is surprising but true. This Street 750 inspires confidence around corners.  Offering great value, the Street 750 is now more enjoyable, safe and comfortable to ride. 

Pros: Safer, comfortable, great value for money
Cons: None

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