A bag full of relaxation

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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Feel your burdens fade away with this backpack with a built-in massager

Everyone’s guilty of succumbing to a bad posture at some point in their day. With long working hours that some of us might have to spend on badly maintained or designed chairs, we often end up with back aches. And imagine the irritation one might have when one has to carry a backpack in this condition. But EUME, a brand founded by Sanjay Parekh and Naina Parekh, came up with the brilliant idea of making  backpacks with built-in massagers.  

According to a statement they put out, “The bags have been devised to alleviate pain, rejuvenate and relax the back and shoulder muscles. With the innovative technology, the backpacks are set to be a game changer in the travel gear category.” Apparently, the backpacks are ideal for commute and save you from incessant body aches caused by carrying a load on your shoulder. 

The statement further read, “Forged from the finest, most cutting edge materials and fabrics commercially available, they are highly durable, and designed to withstand the everyday stresses of urban life, as well as adverse weather conditions. The backpacks can be touted as an indispensable accessory for the urban, always-on-the-go generation. It also comprises an in-built portable USB charger for all your mobile devices, as well as specially engineered anti-theft zippers. With patent pending in India and USA, the bag has a simple, organised, and ergonomically designed interior, which makes finding what you need quick and hassle free.”

The brand is endorsed by ace cricketer Hardik Pandya. “As a cricketer, I travel a lot and it gets too stressful to be juggling with a fully loaded backpack on your shoulder. So a product that goes beyond your conventional backpack was the need of the hour. I have personally enjoyed using the bag. It is a backpack that not just ‘suits’ you but also ‘soothes’ you. It feels great to partner with a brand that is so keen on impacting people’s lives,” he said. 

The product is supported by intensive research with inputs from spine doctors, chiropractors, and fitness experts. 

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