Back to school

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Schools will reopen soon after vacations. Here are a few useful tips for parents to make the first day and the new academic session a little easier for the kids.

The back-to-school season is here. As schools reopen after summer vacation, children, along with their parents, brace up for another academic year. 

Retired teacher Aneet Lamba, says, “Getting back to school is a different feeling for different individuals. While some actually look forward to going back to school and meet their friends, some dread the new classroom scenario.” She believes that parents can actually play an important role in calming down both the anxiety as well as the excitement of children. They can help make the transition a smooth one. 

Siliguri-based school counsellor Madhu Singh says, “The thought of going to back to school is usually dreaded by parents more than children.” She further says that to keep the mind cool, you need to plan it well. She strongly believes that it is best for parents and children to work it out together because ultimately it is the beginning of a new year and new opportunities. “The first day of school always makes a difference and leaves an impact on the child,” she adds. 
The experts share some valuable tips: 

First things first
Make sure you don’t keep anything for the last minute. Keep the school uniform sets ready and also keep the monsoon downpour in mind, so raincoats, must be ready too. It is also important to keep the school bag, along with all the school supplies, ready at least three days in advance so that on the first day of school, both the child and parents do not get stressed out.

Plan ahead
After a long summer break, some children fall into the habit of waking up late because of which they are not able to cope up with getting up early in the morning all of a sudden. To avoid this and for a smooth first day at school, wake up your child as per their school timings at least one week prior. This will help the child to smoothly slip into their regular schedule and make their first day hassle free.    

On the big day
No matter how much time you spend with your children, they do look forward for some kind of moral support when entering the school gate. Be patient with them and assist them. Remember that it is certainly not a good idea to send the child to school on an empty stomach, so pack tiffin.

Be calm 
No matter how old you get and how many years of experience you have of getting your child to school, every parent becomes a bit panicky when it gets to the first day of school. To stay calm, prepare a to-do list and keep ticking it off once you get the work done because this way you’ll remember to do all the work without slipping out on a few things. 

Don’t push deadlines
With every passing year and new class and a new syllabus, make it a point to get your child into the habit of reading every single day. It maybe the school text or even a children’s’ encyclopedia. Also, help them develop a good habit of getting the homework done in time and not pushing deadlines and having a panic attack.

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