Art in your pocket

Amrita Prasad
Friday, 15 March 2019

The latest from designer Sunil Mehra, who is known to dress Indian men in the most sophisticated way, are pocket squares inspired by culture, society and music

Kartik Aaryan wore a gold and cream paisley brocade sherwani in Luka Chuppi, Vicky Kaushal flaunted karbon pinstripe suit and won the ‘Best Dressed’ title on Koffee with Karan season 6, Ranveer Singh donned a thunder grey suit for the cover story of Fortune magazine. 

But why are we talking about these men? Because the outfits worn by them came from House of Sunil Mehra, a premium menswear couture label by designer Sunil Mehra.

Mehra, who tries to marry art and fashion, has created a special collection of pocket squares which are nothing less than art works.
The pocket squares are made with silk and wool linen, however they are painted and digitally optimised. The whole colour palette has been used in order to keep it varied for every event or occasion. All these art pieces are made in Italy.
Every piece— vibrant, with meticulous details, depicting scenes like men playing and listening to music, woman posing, or Kathakali artists etc— has a very beautiful story embedded in it. It reflects culture, society and music. It is an amalgamation of art with fashion.

Here's chatting up Mehra

What inspired you to create such beautiful, quirky and arty pocket squares?
For the men of today, it is quintessentially critical to have the aura of their presence a notch above the conventional. A pocket square is an accessory which flourishes beyond the functionality. Minute detailing fetches huge impact on the overall look and we tend to work on a custom which is made to enhance the personal style of an individual. The uniqueness of them being the tiny additions and leaving a statement is what tickles the creative bone.

What are some of the subjects that you are showcasing through these pocket squares? 
As a designer, I have always endeavoured to celebrate art and hand-craftsmanship. Taking the league ahead, we personify the art culture, music, surrealism, day to day objects, cartoon characters and the artists. 

Is there awareness of wearable art in India? 
India is a dynamic country, a place filled with beautiful art at every stance. Knowingly or unknowingly, every individual celebrates the art culture— from t-shirts to jackets, accessories to shoes, everything from top to toe.

How can one style these pocket squares? What are some of the styles, colours, outfits, patterns that these pocket squares will go best with? 
Whether it’s a formal event, a regular day at work, an evening get-together or a jamboree, there is a different pocket square for each. For formal events, solid pocket squares work the best or prints and colours which are not too striking. For events which are more personally inclined, the bold prints and colours do the best. The limited edition pocket squares, which narrate a story in themselves and involve blows and hues of a large colour scheme, are a definite win-win!

Is wearing a pocket square a very common fashion statement in India?
The best part about having accessories like this is that they have a mushrooming following for them. Not for the limited edition or story lines ones, but yes, there is a certain growing fancy for pocket squares which tends to include the solid ones and the abstract printed ones.

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