Arm up your style

Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 29 July 2018

Are you conscious about your flabby arms? Worry not. A few designers tell you how to look stylish without compromising on your fashion quotient.

Fashion is becoming more and more inclusive day by day and that has resulted in cthe reation of garments that are superbly stylish for everyone — skinny, plump, plus size, petite, short, tall and so on. Unlike in the past when you had to compromise on fashion by hiding your ‘problem areas’ such as belly, heavy bust, wide hips, or even your big arms, today you can look stylish without actually trying to hide the body parts that you are not confident about. 

So even if you are one of those, who are conscious about their upper arms because they are flabby and not well shaped, you don’t need to stick to those regular, boring and classic long sleeves. 

There is so much that you can do with the cuts, fabrics, sleeve pattern and neckline that will give you an ‘arm lift’ without going overboard with your fashion transformation. “It is easy to hide big arms in winter, courtesy those good old cardigans and jackets. But it gets extremely uncomfortable in summers and monsoon if you try to layer a lot of clothes just to cover up your arms that you think are not flattering enough. So here is the thing — get a little innovative and be willing to try different styles that are easily available in stores and online at an affordable price, to give you an illusion of slimmer arms,” informs Vijeta Sanyal Arora, a Mumbai-based stylist who specialises in putting together looks for plus size men and women.  

Arora suggests that necklines play a huge part in making your arms look shaped. Says she, “We know that we are sceptical about showing off our problem areas. But a slight skin show around the area you are confident about will work wonders. For instance, baring your shoulders is a great trick for those worked up because of unshapely arms. An off-shoulder top or dress is like a magic wand that wipes off your woes when it comes to flabby arms. Bared shoulders will grab eyeballs and balance the look by taking away all the attention from the arms. These days off-shoulders are much in vogue and this is one trend you must stick to.”  

Dark colours give a slimming effect, but at the same time, we must be mindful when wearing prints. Kolkata-based designer Shiuli Dasgupta, who owns Large Hearted Atelier, suggests that one needs to embrace smaller and minimal prints if one wants to camouflage one’s arms. “Stay away from bold prints or prints that are too busy on the fabric. They tend to make you look broader and fuller, further adding to your woes,” she advises. 

Dasgupta adds that wearing dresses with 3/4 sleeves is a good option. “It is always the upper part of your arms that gives you the trouble, hence a top/dress/shirt with three-fourth sleeve comes to your rescue, making your arms look slimmer and flattering your entire body. Another great option is to go for ruffles and exaggerated sleeves like bell-sleeves, Victorian sleeves etc. If you do not have these in your wardrobe, play around with statement accessories like a chunky neckpiece, a pair of embellished earrings or an ornate belt. They will add more drama to areas that you want people to notice,” says Dasgupta.  

Arora adds that cold shoulders that cover your collar bones and arms but partly bare your shoulders should be your mantra for great looking arms. 

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