Apps that can make women’s lives easy

Sakal Times
Wednesday, 29 August 2018

From grocery to meat, you can buy everything just with one click on your mobile phone. Here is the list of apps that are increasingly gaining popularity among women.

Women have always been known to be multi-taskers. But come on, they too need and deserve help. If human help is not available, there is always technology. With the penetration of mobile and internet, we have seen a surge in the number of mobile applications. Some of these apps have become very helpful for women. From grocery to meat, you can buy everything just with one click on your mobile phone. Here is the list of apps that are increasingly gaining popularity among women.

Zappfresh: Zappfresh is a technology-integrated fresh meat brand which aims to transform the meat buying experience for Indian consumers through its farm to fork well-maintained, end-to-end supply chain and express deliveries. It delivers meat, chicken, sea food and other poultry products at your doorstep. This app has given full convenience to women to buy and enjoy their meat platter while sitting in the comforts of their home. This app is especially useful for those women who live alone in the city and manage everything on their own. 

Docsapp: DocsApp, a chat-based healthcare platform which connects patients to specialist doctors in less than 30 minutes across India. The lady of the house who is always busy and often keeps her health on the back burner, no longer needs to do that. Without stepping out of the house and waiting for long hours for an appointment with the doctor, she can monitor her health. Through DocsApp, she can get medical assistance on chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac ailments, and arthritis, as well as avail specialty consultation on dermatology, gynaecology, sexology, paediatrics, general medicine, psychiatry, and weight management, from home. 
The tech-enabled platform gives her access to these services in the language of her choice. Additionally, DocsApp allows her to book diagnostic tests, purchase medicines, and get them delivered at her doorstep with ease! Isn’t it a perfect app for ladies?

Enguru:  This app encourages you to speak English more fluently. The adaptive, on-the-go self-learning English and communication skills app rolls out courses based on a user’s strengths and weaknesses. This keeps the content relevant and engaging, and the learning as efficient as possible. The app teaches English to learners from 28 languages and takes care of every aspect of the language — right from the basics up to more complex conversations. Users also go through a placement test that identifies their starting points and most-relevant streams to help the app develop a customised course for every user, which is split into short 15-minute modules.

Gemselections: Gemselection is an app by Khanna Gems that helps women to choose their jewellery. You can even order the customised jewellery through this platform. This app also advises you to wear gems according to your zodiac sign. The app focuses on providing authentic information to customers so that they can make an informed decision on every purchase of a gemstone or a piece of jewellery through the app. 

Another feature of the app that truly stands out in the market is the “Create Your Own Jewellery” option. Users can click a picture of any jewellery design that they like, using the app’s camera, and Gemselections will send them a price quotation along with a variety of designs. The user can easily see all the options along with the estimated price on their app dashboard and order their dream piece of jewellery there and then! 

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