An app-etite for more

Debarati Palit Singh
Monday, 1 April 2019

Acclaimed chef and food connoisseur Ranveer Brar has launched his app in association with Hungama

Want to know how celebrity chef Ranveer Brar cooks or what his personal diet is? Well, things have got a little easier. The internationally acclaimed chef and food connoisseur has launched his personal app in association with Hungama. He says that the app puts more than 20 years of his culinary experience at the users’ fingertips. 

RB, the app, says Ranveer, will record his travels and provide recipes and recommendations. “Users will have access to all my recipes and videos under one platform. Also, the places I travel to and what to eat there,” he says, adding, “The app will give a step-by-step breakdown of each technique and measures of ingredients.”

There will be something like RB’s diet plan too. “If you follow it for a month, you will feel fitter and healthier,” the chef assures. 

Some of the key features of the app include Food Mat that gives users the option to look at recipes from different regions, the Diary section which takes users through Ranveer’s culinary journey, the About Me section that acquaints them with the chef virtually with some never-heard-before food trivia and FAQs about the chef and his preferences. 

The application is live and available for download on Android and iOS.

It was the need to be on cell phone that prompted him to work on the app, says Ranveer. “You realise that earlier it was laptop and now it’s the cell phone. I firmly believe that app is the new website and if your objective is to help people, make better cooks, then you have to be where people are. If they are on the mobile, you have to assist them there,” he explains. 

What about those who follow him in tier 2 and 3 cities, considering that many are still not open to technology there? “I think we underestimate the power of cell phone and Indian cell phone consumers. If you look at what we have achieved in the cell phone space, it’s tremendous. It’s more accessible now. My dad, who is 75 years old, comes to me and tells me that he want to access a particular app and wants me to help him download it. Obviously, some people catch it faster and some are little slow,” he points out.   

Ranveer, who has hosted several food shows, says that it took him and the team seven months to work on the app. “But it’s a constantly evolving process — we are trying to make it better, add new recipes, keep up with the requirement of the users. But the most important aspect is that it should be easy to use,” he says and adds that a team of four is constantly working on it. 

Ranveer, who calls himself a recipe hunter, says that he follows the well-known academic, food critic and historian Pushpesh Pant who has managed to collect a lot of Indian recipes. “There are so many recipes in his books — Prasad and India: The Cookbook,” he says before signing off.

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