An angel in disguise

Alisha Shinde
Monday, 23 July 2018

Well, all that changed when I got admission in Centennial College, Canada. But leaving parents behind was not easy.


I have always been my mom and dad’s pet, right from my school days. Being the youngest member of the family I was pampered not only by my parents but also by my siblings and grandparents. So I have very close bonds with all of them.  

My siblings left the nest early to pursue their education in other cities as they were used to the idea of living alone and away from family. However, I always thought that living away from home and family was not my cup of tea. 

Well, all that changed when I got admission in Centennial College, Canada. But leaving parents behind was not easy. And what was harder was the thought of staying with an unknown roommate who would not know my likes and dislikes. But luckily, I found one to my liking.  

On Day 1 when I reached my hostel room I found a little note by my bedside table which read, ‘Sorry, could not be here to welcome you, hope you like hot chocolate! —Giselle Lobo.’

Hot Chocolate was my favourite drink and even though I had never seen Giselle before I really liked her and I thought to myself, “So far so good!” After about 40 minutes Giselle was back with a mug of Hot Chocolate and the warmest and widest smile. She was so sweet to talk to and we hit it off instantly.  

Giselle was a local but she preferred staying at the hostel because she wanted to be independent. Since we had taken up the same subjects at college we spent most of our time together. She was more than just a roommate, she was like family. During long weekends she even invited me over to stay at her parents’ place. 

Of course there were times when I got homesick, but she always took efforts to cheer me up, say, by making soup or cooking Maggi just the way mom made it for me. She was always there for me, in my happy and sad moments. 

One day when I was feeling unwell and had be rushed to the hospital because of acute pain in the abdomen, Giselle and her family made it a point not to leave me alone till my parents arrived. They were so kind that they made my parents live in their home instead of the hotel. 

After I was discharged, Giselle and her parents insisted that I stay at their home for a few days instead of going back to the hostel. I did not intend to pile on them because of which I kept refusing but they persisted. 

Since I could not join college straight away I was missing out on my classes. Giselle knew I was worried because of which she started teaching me at home and sometimes even video called me from practical classes. In a week I could get back on my feet because of all the care by Giselle and her family.      

She was indeed a good roommate and, more importantly, a really good friend. I consider myself lucky enough to have found a helpful and selfless human being like her. Giselle was an angel in disguise. She made living away from home so easy. 

Our friendship grew strong over the period of two years. Even though we graduated and I moved back to India, we are still in touch. Giselle even visited me and my family when my elder brother got married and participated in all the ceremonies just the way a family member would.

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