Already in Tomorrowland?

Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 14 July 2017

The biggest annual EDM party is happening in Belgium next weekend. Anjali Jhangiani finds out all that you need to know besides the line-up

Missing out on this festival?

Jeffrey Sutorius of Dash Berlin talks about other festivals that you can visit if you’re an EDM fan

While Tomorrowland is ‘the’ music festival that everyone wants to go to at least once in their life, there are so many music festivals that have sprung up across the world. Popular DJs are headlining these festivals and organisers are putting in their best to make the visitors have the time of their lives. Jeffrey Sutorius, the face of Dash Berlin, an electronic outfit which also includes Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn, believes that the music festivals we have in India qualify as ‘must attend’ events for EDM fans. He had a thrilling experience when he performed at the VH1 Supersonic festival while the organisers used to host it in Goa. “Apart from that, I would say, one of the Ultras because they are focused on music, not so much what’s around it. And that’s what makes it such a strong concept. And it’s been consistent and really good as far as I have experienced it,” says Sutorius.

He is also a fan of the  Electric Daisy Carnival, a dance music festival held across the world, with its flagship festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“EDC, the Electric Daisy Carnival, is a larger-than-life concert where you do have everything around, like they catapult you, they throw you and then you come back, then there are ferris wheels and it’s almost like you are going to relax in a dance concert. It’s crazy. So that’s really cool to experience it as well,” says Sutorius, adding, “And I would say something like Tomorrowland should be on everybody’s list because you can also camp out. So you have a camping experience besides going to party and you can enjoy.”


Fashion for the fiesta

Fashion Designer Pria Kataaria Puri tells you what to pack and how to look your dreamy best at the festival

Music festivals are dreamy. The enthusiasm in the air, the way you can feel the beat in your chest, and the freedom to dress as outlandishly as you like, keeping the latest trends in fashion in mind of course. This is the tricky part about music festivals though — you have to look ‘different’ to stand out, but be comfortable enough to dance, jump and enjoy the performances of your favourite artists too. Thus we have fashion designer Pria Kataaria Puri to help you pull off the perfect ensembles for the weekend-long celebration. 

For women, her advice is to go big on denim. “High waisted shorts, capris, culottes, mini skirts and short fitted jackets in denims are things you should include in your outfit at the festival,” says Puri. 
She also advises to pack separate. “Take separates such as bikini tops, shorts, tshirts with various logos, short skirts, culottes etc, which you can mix and match and wear on different days during the festival and if you plan to go around in Belgium later,” she says. 

Chalking out the three day plan for the festival, she says, “One day you can wear a cotton mini or maxi dress with trendy sneakers, another day, say a pair of denims with an off shoulder cropped top and the third day, you can opt for a bralette with shorts and a jacket. Carry a jacket with you at the festival as it might come in handy when there is a chill in the air in the evenings.”

Other essentials she lists include a sling bag. “You want to be hands-free at the event, so you can throw your hands up in the air and wave them around, without caring about holding on to your cap, sunglasses, water bottle or anything else. Carry a sling bag, something that you can put on and unburden yourself,” says she. 

Footwear is of utmost importance here. Getting tired and being uncomfortable on your feet will only make you cranky and spoil the experience. “Opt for platform heel sandals, ankle-length boot, or flats in form of sandals, shoes and boots. There are also many trendy sneakers by designers available in the market that you can check out,” says she.

‘I had a ball’
Singer Nirmika Singh, who attended the festival last year, shares her experience and gives tips for those who will be on their first trip to Tomorrowland

It would be fair to say that I had one of the best weekends of my life at Tomorrowland, and not because I am EDM-crazy but because that music festival is a sort of sensory nirvana: the sights, smells, vibe and feelings are just surreal there, at least for a first-timer like me.

The Tomorrowland organising team (a mammoth brigade of thousands of employees and volunteers) is the most efficient people I have seen in my life. Right from my shuttle from Brussels to the venue Boom, to the campsite assistance and food courts, everything was slick, with no organisational/management hassles.

I spent four days on the venue (Thursday to Sunday) and each day saw me exploring a new side to the festival — there were 16 stages, multiple food courts and several other sights to experience every day. The food there was phenomenal too -- it’s not for nothing Tomorrowland is known as the big daddy of all EDM festivals. 

I camped at Dreamville and that was another crazy experience. On the first night, around 2 am, there were unexpected showers and it was the best feeling ever to be huddled up inside your tent listening to the pitter-patter on the tent canvas. The next morning, one of the most thrilling things I did was to bathe in the open showers (the queue for the closed shower was too long); the festival is a great place to overcome body issues, if you have any!

I made sure I wore comfortable shoes and outfits, and it was funny how my bindi and jhumkas attracted curious fellow party-goers. They would come up to me, start doing Bollywood moves and request for selfies. So much fun! One Belgian even asked me out. Of course I declined politely. But at Tomorrowland, people are so lovely, good-natured, even when they ask for a hug or a picture, it doesn’t feel creepy.  I really did have a ball at Tomorrowland.

Tips for first-timers

n Don’t be on your guard as Indians usually tend to be. Keep calm and enjoy the festival.
n Carry two good pairs of shoes/sneakers. Ladies, no heels please. There’ll be a lot of walking involved. The festival venue is huge!
n If you’re camping at the site, carry the basics: toiletries, towels, sunscreen etc. An umbrella/raincoat/windcheater too as the weather in the town of Boom where the festival is held can get unpredictable. Although partying in the rain is also a lot of fun.
n Do not accept booze/pills/drugs/joints etc from people you don’t trust. Unless you really want to go on a trip. 
n Afterparties at TL can get wild, so be prepared to witness a lot of craziness.

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