All set for tests

Mukund Dhar
Monday, 10 July 2017

 If you are one of those students, who can’t track when your assignments are due, or when you have an exam coming up, then My Study Life app is just for you!

I’m a student who sometimes finds it hard to remember which assignments were due which day or what time. I went on the Google Play store, and started looking for an app that would let me organise my assignments and came across this app called My Study Life. Upon downloading and opening the app, I discovered that it has the full package required for nearly every type of organisation that a student requires.

My Study Life is free to download and you can use it with a Facebook, Gmail and/or Office 365 account. Once you are done with the sign in, you can customise when your semester begins and ends. You can select your class timings and tailor them according to your needs. It even lets you put the room number and the name of the professor who will take the class. 

You can set revision goals for yourself along with the time and date of submission. There is a reminder setting under general category that allows the app to remind you five minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes before submission.

The app even lets you input holidays and thus adjust the time table accordingly. You can access the timetable you make on the calendar. The app also lets you see what exams you have in the next seven days and lets you rate your level of preparedness along with what room and seat number you have. You can colour-code your subjects, allowing you to easily recognise what class /assignment you have, depending on when it is due. 

The app works both online and offline. It can be used on laptops or tablets (both Mac and Windows). In terms of size, the app is only 32.70 MB in size, so storage isn’t a problem.

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