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Friday, 18 January 2019

Graffiti 19, which starts from today, promises exciting events and activities for the participating students. It tests their physical, mental and trouble-shooting abilities

Graffiti, the annual Techno-Managerial fest of SCIT, since its inception has given a great scope for all its participants to learn. The Graffiti 19, which starts from today (Saturday) has six domains — Events, Web and Media, Sponsorship, PR, Finance and Creative. These domains have always been the backbone in making the event bigger and better every year. 

The team dedicates one night for launching the theme of Graffiti. This is the official event where the theme, trailer and official website are launched. The college band Konnect and dance team Symbeats come together and put up a marvellous show for the audience. Following these amazing performances, a DJ night is dedicated to celebrate the success of the event, where the renowned DJ artists come and entertain the students. 

The Graffiti team does not stop here but works in full swing post the theme launch, to put up a better show for the main event. The ceaseless hard work of the students and the tremendous support from the management is an added feather on their cap. Participants from various colleges come over to attend the gala fest and go back with exciting prizes! Every team that works for the event, always ends up giving its best. 

The two days of Graffiti are the most awaited days for both the organisers and the participants. Day 0 happens one day prior to the event and this is when the college band performs. This event is known as the ‘Acoustic Night’ and both the senior and junior bands work together to put up a great show for the audience. A flash mob is organised in which all the students participate and dance on famous Indian songs. The first day of the event begins with the organisers making sure that all the necessary items are ready in order to carry out the events. 

The participants walk in and get their registered tags and move on to the respective event venues. Some events happen indoors while some outdoors. 

Advitiya: The flagship event of Graffiti, Advitiya tests both the physical and mental abilities of students. This is one of the most loved events of the festival. 

Nautanki Shaala: This is the theatre event of Graffiti and one platform where all the artists come together. Mime, stand-up comedy, drama are some of the events that are conducted as a part of Nautanki Shaala. SCIT’s own theatre club — Eklavya also performs and conveys a message to the viewers. 

G-MUN: This is another notable event in which a problem situation that has occurred at the United Nations, is given to the participants. Students become delegates representing various countries and sit together to bring a solution to the problem presented to them. Participants are tested on their problem-solving ability in different fields like Marketing, Finance, Business plan formulation, Strategy formulation, Crime scene investigation, and so on. 

Graffiti acts as a medium of obtaining contacts and meeting new people as students from various colleges come together to participate and showcase the best of their talents. Moreover, the events are judged by some of the best names in the industry and thus it becomes a platform for establishing contacts with people from the industry as well.

The time Post Graffiti is very promising and fruitful as all the organisers come together and document the way the event was conducted. The list of sponsors is framed and a note of appreciation is sent to them for their continuous support during the event. 

The event winners are also contacted to ensure that they have received their certificate and prizes. All the major episodes during the two days of the event are properly maintained for future reference purposes. The organisers also make note of the areas of improvement so that it becomes easier to work on them in the coming years and also to make it simpler to improve the way something was done.

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