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Amrita Prasad
Monday, 23 April 2018

Total, built by Hike, lets users access essential services such as messaging, news, recharge, cricket, wallet, etc with a single login and without an active data connection

Admit it! We all have multiple apps and it is difficult to remember all the passwords. While apps like FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc have become our lifeline, and we don’t have to struggle hard to remember their login IDs or passwords, certain apps test our memory once in a while. If you too are struggling to manage multiple accounts and troubled with data charges and fluctuating internet connection, then get Total, built by Hike. 

Hike Messenger and Airtel have joined hands to create Total — an initiative that aims to bring certain services to first-time smartphone users, without any active data connection.
The device (smartphone) lets users access the phone with a single login feature — just login one time using your phone number and get access to all the services. 

The services on the device are light and only consume 100KB- 1MB data, ensuring a lightweight footprint on the device. Under Airtel’s ‘Mera Pehla Smartphone’ initiative Total is aimed at enabling access to 4G smartphone to maximum users at a pocket-friendly price. It also lets you use data packs, in case you want to be online, as low as one rupee. 

We used the device with an Airtel SIM card and we found that it did a pretty good job considering too many apps were synced via a single login. It is a great way to introduce smartphones to first timers, but if you already own a smartphone, it could be too simple for you.

How to use Total 
-Insert an Airtel SIM card in the given Total device.
-Turn on the phone to complete the Google onboarding. Do not turn on data or connect to WiFi if you wish to see the completely offline out-of-the-box experience.
-This will be followed by a short Total onboarding where one can view the seven Star apps which work without data.
-Once you’re on the launcher, simply swipe right to view all the services on Total. You can start by checking your predictions for the day by launching and signing into the Horoscope service — all without data. The service even supports Kundali Match offline.
-Now you can move onto the Cricket service which displays not only the scorecard but live commentary and fixtures — all without data. No login will be asked for this time as Total has a ‘Single Sign On’ across the services.
-Similarly, you can try out eRail Info and News to get the latest updates — all without data.
-You can then head to the notification shade to claim up to INR 200 by simply doing the min KYC for Hike Wallet basis RBI guidelines. This happens offline too.  The claimed money can be utilised now to recharge your mobile number even without data. You can try this by launching the Total Recharge Service.
-In messaging, you can enjoy a seamless experience between SMS and hike messaging provided through the Total Messaging application. To play with it you would need another phone which has Total or Hike installed in it. You can create a message for the other phone by putting in the phone number or choosing from ‘saved contacts’. You can send smileys and select Hike stickers as well. 
-Now let’s say you want to send a photo to the other number and you don’t have data balance then what? When you try doing that you will observe that there are Super Star Data Packs on offer which can be bought for as low as 20 mbs for one rupee. You can proceed to activate one of these packs offline and turn on data to automatically send the photo to the other device. Similar experiences are built around other Total services like Bus Tickets, Game of the Day and so on.

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