All for his fans

Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 20 July 2018

Singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad talks about his new EP cold/mess, and his fan-centric campaign to promote it

A year after Tum Jab Pass, the guy with the dreamy voice, Prateek Kuhad, is back with a six-track EP. Titled cold/mess, the tracks “convey the anguish and elation of love and relationships”. The feel of the tracks range from an organic folk intimacy to a lush pop appeal. All the tracks are in English and recorded in Nashville.

The most interesting thing about this EP is the way Kuhad has launched it, and his plans to promote it. Opting for a fan-based campaign for cold/mess, he sent the EP to all of the fans on his mailing list, and requested they lead the announcement of release on July 13, instead of him. But that’s not all, Kuhad plans to play a series of intimate house gigs across India to promote his EP instead of the usual commercial venues. We chat up the artist for more information:

What made you think of this fan-centric approach towards launching the EP?
My songs come from a very intimate place, and I think they translate the best in intimate environments as well. I feel over the years, I have developed a more personal relationship with my fans — and I wanted to keep it that way for this release. Direct and personal. 

What would you say about the support your fans have shown towards your EP till now?
I’m blown away. I’ve gotten hundreds of emotional messages with people telling me how much they love cold/mess and how much it has affected them. I knew this EP was special, but I wasn’t expecting such strong reactions. 

Why is this an all-English EP?
Because all the songs on this EP are written in English!

Tell us about the music — have you collaborated with anyone on this record?
One of the songs — with you/for you —  has been co-written with these two producer-songwriters in Nashville, Peter Groenwald and Konrad Snyder. They were also co-producers on the EP.

You’ll be playing at house parties instead of venues. How are you going to arrange this? How can fans invite you to come play at their home?
You’ll find out soon enough!

When it became the strategy to perform at house parties, what were your major concerns, and how did you address them?
This is really the first time we’re ever doing something like this, especially as a tour. Also, I wouldn’t call them house ‘parties’ — they’re more like house concerts.

Tell us about your future plans post the tour.
I’m going to be travelling to the US to do a few shows. We’ll be playing small capacity venues — 100-200 seaters and as of now, we have confirmed dates in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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