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Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 25 April 2018

FunktuaTion, featuring Benny Dayal, will be taking the stage at Hard Rock Cafe Pune tonight. Here’s catching up with the star vocalist

Known for his soothing voice, quirky lyrics and power-packed performances, Benny Dayal knows what it takes to engage the audience in his gigs. Benny, along with his FunktuaTion band members, will be performing at Hard Rock Cafe Pune tonight. We catch up with the star vocalist to know more about the journey of FunktuaTion and the experience of performing live. 
Recalling the early days of the band back in 2011, Benny says, “To make our presence known we started off with covers, and boom!, it worked,” he says while breaking into a laughter.

Despite being first-time performers, the audience and a few artists who were present at the show actually came up to them and said that they had never imagined that the band could perform this way. Which is when he and another band member Carl Fernandes decided that they had to take FunktuaTion forward and the rest is history.

Talking about the inspiration behind their band name — FunktuaTion, Benny says, “Punctuations are very important in sentences because they add a different meaning to them just as adding a little bit of funk to our songs and performances adds verve. That’s why we picked the name.”

The band has always believed in creating independent music with meaningful yet fun and funky lyrics, which is why after doing a couple of covers FunktuaTion decided to move to generate more content in not only Hindi but as well as English and Tamil. “What is important is that the content being generated at our end is enjoyable and of good quality,” says Benny.

Ask him whether it is more difficult to create an identity for a band or an individual artist and Benny says, “Getting the audience to love you and recognise you as a band is of course difficult but not impossible, especially when the content the band is generating is loved by them.” Whether it is a band or an individual artist, it is important to show why they are different from others and sustain the image they have created in front of the audience.

Benny has always done full justice to playback singing as well as live performances, but it does get difficult to balance the two. “My passion and love for music makes it easy to juggle between the two,” he says adding that being a live performer and a playback singer is more or less the same thing. “When you perform live you perform for an audience and when you record a song you perform for the music director,” he says further mentioning, “In both cases one has to give their best shot and connect with their respective audience.” He believes that as long as one has the fire in them they will do well.

When asked what his fans can look forward to in the coming months, Benny says that FunktuaTion is currently working on many new songs and a video in Tamil, which he says, is sure to get everyone grooving to it. Talking about the inspiration behind the songs, Benny says, “It is all about the vibe and what we are feeling inside, we just discuss it and if we happen to be on the same page we pen it down and make it into a blissful song.”

Pointing out what truly stands out in all their songs, he says it is the simplicity of the lyrics and the intricacy of the song.

Sharing more about this evening’s performance, he says, “Pune has always been a great crowd but what we have planned for them is a total surprise. When the audience will listen to the songs it will be a curveball for them and nothing that they might have expected.”

Benny will be performing along with band members Carl Fernandes on bass, Joshua Satya on guitar, Alok Merwin on keyboard, David Joseph on drums, Allwyn Paul on percussion and Toby Joseph is the sound engineer.

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FunktuaTion will perform at Hard Rock Cafe Pune, Koregaon Park Extension, on April 26, 8.30 pm onwards. 
Tickets available on www.bookmyshow and

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