All eyes on you

Anjali Jhangiani
Sunday, 9 September 2018

As eyewear brand John Jacobs launches its second store in the city, business head Manan Duggal talks about the trendy collections and the advanced technology used in the lenses

With their first store doing so well at The Pavillion, Senapati Bapat Road, John Jacobs recently launched another store at Westend Mall, Aundh. The eyewear brand believes in cutting out middlemen and maintaining a manufacturer to customer relationship, so that the prices are not unbelievably high, compared to other premium brands.
The brand has more traffic on their website, where customers can try on the frames in 3D, but they want to launch stores in selected cities to give their customers a chance to experience their products in real-life.
At a glance, the entire range of sunglasses looks quirky with oversized frames, cat eyes and Lennons. While fashion is unpredictable, what we know for sure is that old trends always find a way back. “These frames were in vogue say in the ‘60s, and then they went out of style. But now they’re back, and everyone’s wanting them in bright colours and big sizes,” says Manan Duggal, as he moves on to the spectacles section.

“The online store has a few collections — the Arthouse Collective, Pro Titanium, Supreme Steel, TR flex and Rich Acetate. But at the store, we keep introducing new styles every three-four months. We don’t believe in selling the same styles for five years at a stretch. The frames are designed in Italy, which is the hub for stylish eyewear,” he says.
While the Arthouse collective revives vintage charm with old-world designs that are contemporised to fit your fashion needs today, the TR Flex collection features flexible break-proof frames that can sustain high impact with a barely-there feel. The Pro Titanium and Supreme Steel collections, as the names go, are super strong and super light. The Rich Acetate collection is made from plant-based polymers, which makes it a perfect fit for climate crusaders.

“Almost 20-25 per cent of the sales are made up of customers opting for zero power spectacles. Back in the day, you wore spectacles only if you had power and it was a necessity. People tried to avoid having to wear spectacles as much as they could. But now it’s a fashion statement. People have six different eyeglasses to wear for different days or occasions,” says Duggal, adding that the way people interact with technology now also encourages the use of spectacles.
“Everyone’s on their phone all day. If they’re not staring at their phones, then it’s the PC monitor or the TV screen. All these gadgets give out blue rays which are harmful to your eyes. They are responsible for making your eyes tired and teary, and give you headaches. The regular lenses available in the market let these rays pass through and through, and the ones that claim to be anti-glare will only block a small per cent of the rays from reaching your eyes. We offer these blue cut lenses that completely block out the blue rays, and we are equipped to demonstrate it at our stores,” he says, as he picks up a blue light pen torch and shines it through an ordinary lens to find the spot of light reflected on the polished wooden table, and then proceeds to shine it through a blue cut John Jacob lens to find absolutely no reflection of it.

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