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Amrita Prasad
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Watch Darshan Raval play love dost in Dil Beats which premieres on MTV Beats tonight

Singing sensation Darshan Raval is going to fix the love problems of millennials from today. MTV Beats’ Dil Beats with Darshan Raval which premieres tonight, will have him don a new avatar — that of a love dost — to help youngsters solve their relationship issues.
The young musician, who floored the entire nation with numbers like Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, Kamariya Chogada, Tera Zikr, Sari Sari Raat and so on, is successful in both independence music space and Bollywood.  

Celebrating the evergreen spirit of romance, Dil Beats with Darshan Raval is an engaging and quirky take on the issues of millennial love and how to hack it. Reflecting on seven modern day love stories, Darshan will share tips. The singer will not only share relatable love lessons to young romantics but also be an earnest listener to their issues and heartbreaks. Talking about this new role, Darshan says, if one has to be a love guru, it is a lot of pressure . “I don’t think I am cut out to be a love guru. However, I think I can really be a love dost,” he says.
He didn’t have to prepare a lot to be a love friend because he says, “I have had a lot  friends around me who have had issues with their relationships and I have always been helpful to them. I think I am going to do the same thing on the show as well — you have to be with people instead of just giving them advice which either doesn’t work or is irrelevant. I am going to talk to them and be a friend to them,” he adds.
The young artist says that he has been seeing a lot of things happening around him that are relatable to the youth and he will be bringing those experiences on the show. “I have always been making songs on love and I think I really understand love and the emotion involved in it. I am going to tell viewers what I am experiencing and witnessing and share a lot of stories with them. I would love to hear from them what they feel about these stories and what’s going on in their lives,” he adds. 
Darshan says that on the show, he will also seek inspiration from life experiences in totality.  Ask him what love means to him and he says, “For me, love yesterday, today, or even in the coming future, is all about the soul and emotions and I think it is going to remain the same. A few things about love may change with time — earlier, it was about love letters, and now we have internet and social media. We are not sure what is going to come up next. The mediums may change, but the emotion won’t. Love is the purest of all things,” he says. 

Talking about his journey as a musician, Darshan who first came to prominence as a contestant on India’s Raw Star, says that his journey has been a beautiful one. “If I ever got an opportunity to go back in time and relive each and every day, I would happily do it.  I have seen people complaining about their struggle period. But I have never complained.  I am blessed to have this life. Even if I have seen difficult times in the beginning, I believe they taught me a lot of things. When I look back, I realise how right things happen at the right time and how that helped me in my journey,” he adds.  

Darshan believes that  whether it is Bollywood or independent music, for him, the most important thing is the ‘music’ itself. “Why should we have boundaries around music — music is simply music. I personally love independent music more because there is a lot hard work that goes into it — I compose and write and do various other things. Those songs live for 7-8 months because they are not made on any situations but based on life experiences and are very personal. I enjoy doing independent music but I definitely love to sing for films too. It is amazing to see my voice on different actors,” he adds.
Among his upcoming projects, MTV Beats’ Dil  Beats title song has been written by Darshan which is going to come out soon. He will also present 14 original covers in Dil Beats each tapping into the facets of love and relationships. There is another Bollywood song which will release soon. “So I am balancing indie music and Bollywood very well!,” he says.

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