5 Ways To Groom Smart

Sakal Times
Sunday, 10 February 2019

A well-dressed, well-groomed man creates a good impression. With Valentine’s Day coming up, you have all the more reason to present yourself well to charm your love. Here are a few tips

A well-groomed man leaves a lasting impression on the minds of people around them, which gives them a headstart over others in life. So, for all the men out there, it’s time to get groomed right and bedazzle the people around you with your shining personality. Men do not need to spend hours in front of the mirror to get a well-groomed look. It’s just a matter of following a quick daily routine. Here are some vital tips by Housejoy Category Head, Gaurav Bhargava, to help you uplift your personality and leave an impact on people you meet.

Have your hair/ beard on point
It is extremely important to make sure your hairstyle, beard and moustache are in check. Get a haircut regularly to maintain the hair length and also trim/ shave your facial hair depending on your preference. Do not forget to trim nose, ear, and chest hair every once in a while.
Take care of your skin
Having clear skin and a well-maintained look really leaves an impression. Use moisturisers, face washes, and face cleansers to pamper your skin and bring out that much-desired glow.
Your shoes speak a lot
Shoes reflect the personality of a person. Keep your shoes clean and odourless at all times. Select appropriate shoes for every occasion.
Maintain a good posture
Posture also is an important element of grooming. A person’s posture and gesture is a good indicator of whether he is lazy or productive, positive or negative and healthy or unhealthy.
Keep a healthy diet
One should always stick to a healthy diet to keep the tummy in control and stay fit. Nobody likes a lazy and unhealthy slob.
Let your attitude do the talking
A person is judged on the level of politeness and knowledge one bears. Maintain a pleasant and polite attitude towards others to make them feel welcomed. Politeness, patience, knowledge are some of the virtues one should develop to have a well-groomed character.
No matter how much people say that “A book shouldn’t be judged by its cover”, it is not always the case and hence every single man should put effort into keeping themselves well-groomed.

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