‘You have to do all kinds of work at the end of the day’

Debarati Palit Singh
Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Kalki Koechlin talks about the roles she is offered, the work she chooses to do, why she keeps in touch with  theatre and lot more, while promoting her upcoming film, Ribbon.

Kalki Koechlin’s last film Jia aur Jia failed at the box-office, but that hasn’t stopped the actress from promoting her upcoming film Ribbon. The actress says, “Once the film releases, I never go and follow what’s happening. There’s so much pressure about box office collection, but the fact is that the film is no more mine. It belongs to the public. I usually try be in a peaceful place when my film releases, but today because I am promoting Ribbon, I am here. Having said that, I am excited about Jia aur Jia because it it presented a different version of me.” 

Kalki will be seen opposite Summet Vyas in Ribbon, which is directed by Rakhee Sandilya and produced by Prakash and Swathi Mondal of Red Cart Films. Releasing on November 3, it’s been presented by Eros International.

During an interaction, she explains the title of the film, “Rakhee really liked the title because it’s symbolic. When you get married, you tie a ribbon and the relationship becomes strong. But like a ribbon, the bond, the relationship loosens. That’s the tagline of our film — ‘life between loose ends’. The idea is that we need to keep working on our relationships.”

The talented actress says that the first thing she did after getting the script was to google, ‘can an eight-month pregnant woman have sex’. “There was a scene in the film so I wanted to know. After that, I started gathering information on maternity leave in India. I realised that Rakhee has done thorough research on the script. It’s very real life,” Kalki says.

She says that young couples will be able to relate to the story as it’s a love story about urban millennial couples, who attempt to balance work and family each day. “In addition to that, I had never played a young mother on screen and that kind of attracted me to the script.” 

Kalki says that she could connect with her on screen character Sahana on various levels. “Specially in the beginning of the story when she is career-oriented, focused and has no filters. She speaks what she thinks. The story spans over four years. As the story progresses, she become quieter and goes through a change, post pregnancy. She becomes more matured towards the end, which I am not,” she adds.

The actress has some good things to say about her co-star Sumeet Vyas. “He is a great actor and a sweet person. He is very good with improvisation and this film needed improvisation even though we had a script. He is also a writer, and so he would come up with great lines.”

The actress known for critically acclaimed films like Margarita With a Straw, Waiting, A Death in the Gunj and others, has always tried doing both commercial and independent cinema.

But Kalki maintains that good scripts are few and far between. “It takes time to get good scripts and that’s why I don’t always work like crazy. I am lucky to keep in touch with my craft through theatre,” she says, adding, “Just like musicians keep in touch with their craft by practicing on their musical instruments, actors too need to do that via theatre.”

“For me theatre is a great way to do that. Sometimes in films, I get roles which are powerful and life changing and sometimes projects, which are fun and commercial. You have to do all kinds of work at end of the day,” says she.

Kalki says that being part of the number game isn’t her motto. “Because it doesn’t really make me happy to just make lots of money. I do want to be financially secure and look after my family, but getting three cars and four houses isn’t exciting for me. What excites me is learning more about the craft, finding about expressions, understanding myself and human beings better. That’s the most fascinating part of our job, to find what’s the meaning of life,” she adds.

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