‘Work out and feel better’

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Simranjeet Singh, who is a software engineer, explains how his life changed for the better after he started exercising

I work in an IT company in Pune. I was not an outdoor person as a kid and hence I grew overweight. My friend and fitness instructor, Niranjan Deshpande, challenged me to a be a part  of ‘45 days fat loss challenge’. I took up the challenge for seven months and gradually, I have increased my stamina and fitness levels.

My office is at a distance of 20 minutes from my office. So I walk to work. In office, I prefer to use stairs instead of elevators. After having lunch, I have formed a habit of walking for 15 minutes in my SEZ campus. I believe that people working in field like IT assigned to a desk job, should give utmost importance to healthy living. I go to Bhangra classes on weekends; it is a very graceful dance form and a good workout too. It expends more energy.

I had also started doing Pranayam but left it mid-way. It sorted out my breathing-related problems, so I want to start Pranayam again.

Sometimes I also miss my gym, but I ensure that I try to exercise at least four days a week.

Before meeting Niranjan, I tried various measures to lose my weight. I tried sauna slim belt, fat loss herbal tea, but failed. Finally, I realised that a combination of diet and exercise is going to help me lose weight. So I ensure I cook my food and eat healthy. My diet includes eggs, paneer, green vegetables, small bowl of rice or any carbohydrates.

I can see the change. Earlier, I used to pant after climbing two floors. Now, I can easily walk up to five floors. I also went on a small trek to Matheran. I feel more confident and full of energy.

Of course, this journey wasn’t smooth. I did lose motivation in between, but Niranjan brought me back on track. When I go home, I dig into rich, sweet food, but I try to control these binges. I still have a long way to go. 

My advice for people, who believe in being fit is to spread the word. Make other people aware of healthy living. If you see someone doing wrong exercises in gym, point out and help them do it the correct way.
— As told to Ayushi Garg

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