‘Tired of playing bubbly characters’

Debarati Palit
Sunday, 3 September 2017

Actress Delnaz Irani, who will be seen in the web series Virgin Women Diaries, says that she hasn’t got her due as an actor

Delnaaz Irani is playing mother to an 18-year-old girl in Kabir Sadanand’s web series Virgin Women Diaries. The series comes after the popular Married Women Diaries, and will go online today (September 4). The former Bigg Boss contestant says that she wanted to break free from the on-screen bubbly image. “Kabir Sadanand and I go back a long way. We both had acted together in Kabir’s first play many years ago. So, when he called and offered me the series, I didn’t think much about it and just agreed to do it,” says the actress who has extensively worked in theatre, films and television. As for Kabir, she says, “It was lovely working with him. He is a good director and a chilled out person.”

She also wanted to shift gears, she says. “I am tired of playing the typical friend and the bubbly character. I appreciate the fact that people have accepted me in those kind of roles but I too need to change as an actor. With age, I am maturing too and I don’t want to play similar kind of roles,” she says.

The actress maintains that she cannot play the girl-in-twenties kind of roles all her life. “There is no denying that people have loved the roles I have played like Sweetu (Kal Ho Na Ho) is still remembered by all. I have accepted the fact that people like me in that particular image but I need to progress as an actor. I believe that I haven’t got my due as an actor so there’s a certain kind of disappointment. Having said that, I enjoy the love the audience has for me.”

Delnaaz admits that she has no qualms playing mother to younger actors like Alia Bhatt or Ranbir Kapoor. “Honestly, I have another 10 to 12 years to work and I want to make the best of it,” she says.

About her web-series Virgin Women Diaries, which also stars Amit Behl, she says that her role is of a woman who lives in South Africa but is orthodox in her thinking. “Though they live outside India, she is still concerned about ‘What will society say?’. She doesn’t want her daughter to visit temple during periods and she is concerned about the daughter losing her virginity before marriage. She is a strict Gujarati mother,” Delnaaz says.

Her daughter (played by Archita Agarwal) is a typical youngster who likes to question and not follow rules blindly. “It’s natural for them to question everything. She’s an 18-year-old girl who is out there to explore the world and find answers to questions like boyfriend, sex, first kiss and others. Though she has a mind of her own, she doesn’t want to hurt her parents.”

The actress, who has been part of films like Bhootnath, Paying Guests, Milenge Milenge and others, says that because they were working on a tight schedule, everything was sorted before the shoot. “Unlike TV, it’s not an ongoing process and we were working on a strict budget so everyone was prepared and things were well-planned,” says the actress who is likely to announce her next TV project soon.

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