‘There is no one magical formula in music’...

Debarati Palit Singh
Wednesday, 8 August 2018

...says composer-singer Parichay who has recreated the popular number from Criminal — Tu Mile Dil Khile. He also talks about how collaboration with seasoned musicians is a learning process 

After recreating Sridevi’s iconic number O Meri Chandni, Indo-Canadian composer and singer Parichay has recreated Manisha Koirala and Nagarjuna’s hit number Tu Mile Dil Khile from the film, Criminal. The cover which got released recently, adds fresh lyrics written by Yuvraj Goel and Parichay, who has also re-arranged the music. Ask Parichay the reason he decided to recreate the popular song and he replies, “Recreating or using Tu Mile as part of Jeeya Mar Ke was never a part of the original plan. It happened out of nowhere but when the two compositions worked so well together, I’m glad it ended up happening.” 

Just like everyone else, Parichay too has fond memories of the ‘90s, especially its music. Can we forget the hit tracks like Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast or Ruk Ruk Ruk? Parichay says that the ‘90s had some of Bollywood’s strongest all time melodies. “That decade was ruled by a new generation of singers and composers, quite different from those that shone in the ‘80s,” he says. 

Parichay, who started off with independent music and is also working on Bollywood tracks, says Bollywood music has always inspired him. “I had no choice but to listen to Bollywood music despite having grown up in Canada, as my mom is a die-hard music fan and had the radio blasting Hindi film tracks all day. The music was always very strong on melody and inspired me to want to create similar catchy tunes,” he adds. 

He has worked in Bollywood films like Yamla Pagla Deewana, Chaar Din Ki Chandni, Loveshhuda and says that the most memorable part is walking into a movie theatre and seeing his name on the posters plastered everywhere. “Of course, watching and listening to my songs on the big screen in surround sound feels amazing.” 

The musician has collaborated with popular artists like Kardinal Offishall, Sean Kingston. Ask him how has each collaboration changed his perception about music and he says, “I have always believed that music has no boundaries and working with these artists solidified that belief. Also, working with seasoned, professional, multi platinum artists is a massive learning process and watching each artist do things their own way also proves that there is no ‘one magical formula’ in music. It’s all about the vibe and feel.” 

The composer-singer, whose ‘Underrated World Tour’ will kick off soon, is working on several new singles and film projects alongside international collaborations. 

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