‘There is no competition between Hindi and Marathi music industry’

Debarati Palit Singh
Friday, 8 June 2018

Singer Adarsh Shinde talks about the reality show Sangeet Samrat which he is judging, his family legacy and how singers have to work hard despite winning shows

After gaining immense popularity in its first season, Marathi music reality show Sangeet Samrat is all set to make a comeback with its second season on Zee Yuva. The show, starting on June 13, will be judged by well-known musicians Adarsh Shinde and Rahul Deshpande. 

The format of the second season will be a little different, says Adarsh while promoting the show. “This year, the contestants will be divided into 4 teams and each team will have one of the following captains — Savaniee Ravindrra, Rahul Saxena, Juilee Joglekar and Abhijeet Kosambi. The competition will happen between the members of the team. There will be group singers, classical and folk singers, so it’s going to a musical treat for the viewers,” says the singer. 

He adds that the competition is going to be tough and the judges will have a difficult time judging because of the talent. “But I think we are going to have a lot of fun too,” he says. 

What Adarsh will be focussing on while judging the show is detailing. Says he, “We are going to focus a lot on detailing. We have got good singers, artists and musicians but as the competition will move ahead, it will get tougher. We want to search for versatile singers and those who are perfect.”

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Reality shows
This is Adarsh’s second stint as a judge on a reality show. But not many know that the singer himself came to limelight after winning a reality show as a contestant. He points out that even after winning a reality show, making mark in the industry isn’t an easy task. “It becomes a challenge but I have created my own niche in the industry. I am doing good work. It’s not necessary that everyone will get a chance or have a great career. Somewhere you need to focus on your goals, and that matters a lot,” he says. 

He adds that many times, after winning shows, contestants become so busy with stage shows that they do not have the time to focus on playback singing. “You have to work towards your career as playback singer because there is already so much competition. There are so many versatile singers, so only those who are the best will get a chance. You have to struggle a lot,” he adds. 

The evolution of Marathi music    
Marathi film music has evolved immensely in the last few years. Till a few years ago, the playlists of Maharashtrian music lovers would mainly consist of Bollywood songs but today, they are happily listening to Marathi songs. Adarsh says that a lot of singers, musicians and composers have contributed to this change. “It’s a team effort. As the taste of the audience is changing, so is the music. We are providing whatever the audience is demanding,” he says, adding, “Having said that, Marathi music has also seen several turning points in the last many years. Today, you feel great to know that a musician like A R Rahmanji too follows our Hridaynath Mangeshkar sahab.”

Ask him how much the young composers like Siddharth Mahadevan, Soumil Shringarpure, Rohan-Rohan have contributed to this change and he says, “a lot”. “Rohan-Rohan are my good friends and they are doing good work, not just here but in Bollywood too. They are producing the sound that the public wants and it’s getting appreciated.” 

But do Marathi musicians feel the pressure to follow the trends prevalent in Bollywood? 
“Sorry to say, but not all kind of music being produced in Hindi is good. However, the music being composed in Marathi, is definitely good. Even today, we give importance to melody, composition and words,” he says. And he is quick to add that it doesn’t mean the two industries are in competition. “There are several new melodious songs in Hindi too. There is no competition between Hindi and Marathi music industry,” he says.

Carrying on the family legacy
Adarsh comes from a musical family. His grandfather Prahlad Shinde and father Anand Shinde were well-known singer-musicians. But both of them were known for their rustic songs. Adarsh has mostly sung for urban characters in films. Was it difficult for him to make the switch? The singer known for songs like Awaj Wadhav DJ and Deva Tujhyz Gabharyala, says, “My grandfather had a versatile voice and I was inspired by him. My grandfather couldn’t do much playback singing, so he worked more on albums. I have learnt from him, my father and uncle. I aspire to be like them. My guru has also contributed a lot to my journey.  I have learnt from today’s trends and my friends too.” 

But it wasn’t easy for him to make a mark. There was a lot of pressure as he came from a musical family. “My father used to feel the same pressure. People constantly keep comparing you with your father/grandfather. I realise that I have to do a lot of work in my career. In the music industry, if people don’t like your work, you will not get much work. You are constantly standing at the borderline and have to give something new everytime you sing. So that does out pressure,” he points out.

Adarsh was the only one among his brothers who wanted to do just music and nothing else. “I had the love and support of my family. They kept telling me, ‘You move ahead, we are there with you’. I am trying to give my best,” the singer says before signing off.

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