‘Struggle essential in any journey’

Debarati Palit Singh
Monday, 7 May 2018

Playback singer Hrishikesh Chury on winning awards and how reality show contestants are at an advantage over those who are making it completely on their own.

The voice behind the song Taang Uthaake — singer Hrishikesh Chury was recently awarded the Rotary International Award for the Best Upcoming Playback singer. He says that winning awards is part of life. “The most important factor is that people should appreciate and like your work. Definitely it feels good when you receive an award,” says Chury who started his singing career with the movie Naughty @ 40 starring actor Govinda.

Chury believes that awards give you the motivation to work harder. “You also become responsible. It creates curiosity among people who want to know more about you,” he says.

There is immense competition in Bollywood. Every day some fresh talent makes its way into the music industry. What does it really take to survive in the industry? “You have to work hard constantly and not relax with one hit song. You have to continuously meet people, make them listen to your songs, upgrade your skills, learn new techniques and trends. If you do not work on your skills, you cannot survive the competition,” says Chury, who was one of the grand juries on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 2017.

Speaking of that, he says no matter what kind of platform the young talents get, everyone has to work for it. “After being part of reality shows, the contestants become popular unlike us. We had to struggle from scratch. When we started off, getting addresses of composers was a huge task. We would stand in front of their offices and just a glimpse of them would be a big deal. It used to take ages to reach them and make them listen to your voice,” he says, adding that because of reality shows, they (the contestants) do not have to go through this major part of the struggle. “They have to struggle in their own way, post the show. They too must approach composers for work. When people say that reality show contestants disappear after the show, it’s because they do not approach people. Look at singers Sunidhi Chauhan, Neha Kakkar and others, they have all emerged out of reality shows.”

He says that while interacting with the contestants of these shows, he has always asked them to work hard. “Sometimes these kids are very talented but they do not have the right guidance,” he quips. As for his future projects, he has three songs in the pipeline this year. “I hope the songs are out soon,” he signs off.

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