A ‘special’ bond

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 10 August 2017

The star cast of Kaccha Limbu during their visit to Sakal Times office are confident that despite the dark subject, the film will be liked by all

Actor Prasad Oak is making his debut as a director with Marathi film Kaccha Limbu. The film, releasing today (August 11) stars Ravi Jadhav, Sonali Kulkarni, Manmeet Pem and Sachin Khedekar. Based on a book, Nati Goti penned by well-known writer Jaywant Dalvi, the film is set in the 80s and revolves around a couple and their special child. 

While promoting the film at Sakaal Times office, Prasad said, “Three-four years back, I had met Girish, son of Jaywant Dalvi. We had a nice chat and he told me that there’s this novel by his father and it’s his dream to adapt it into a film. Also, It would be a great pleasure for him, if I directed the film. So I read the book and passed it on to my dear friend and screenplay writer, Chinmay Mandlekar, who has transformed the entire story.”  

Prasad adds that Dalvi is the only writer in Marathi whose literature is completely original and not inspired by world literature. “We haven’t adapted too many of his books into films. The only name that comes to my mind is Purush.” To which Sonali adds, “He is a master of complexities.” 

The director says that while researching on Kaccha Limbu they realised that there is a necessity to guide the parents of special children. “In almost every country parents of special children are guided and trained, but not in India. More than the kids, it’s their parents who need training because they have a tough life. Earlier in the day, we visited an autistic centre and the parents there shared that they haven’t watched a film in theatre for 10 years,” he says. He adds that such parents even hesitate to take their children out because others make fun of them. “In this story, the parents have lost their married life for the sake of their child.

Because it’s expensive to take care of the child, they decide that the mother will work in a 9-5 job and the father will do a full-time night job.”

Prasad says that to make the film he not only needed sensible actors but a producer too. “I wanted a producer who would think beyond commercial success. Someone who had the desire to make something different and unique. That’s when Mandar Devasthali came into the picture. As for the actors, I not only needed great actors but people who would realise my passion for making the film. Each one of them sitting here are part of some social cause or the other. 

Keeping with the theme of the story, Prasad has shot the film in black and white. “There’s no colour in their life. In one of the scene, when Sonali is travelling in a bus she sees poster of Qurbani and I have only capture that moment in colour. As soon as she crosses the poster, it’s back to black and white.”

The team is confident that the film will be appreciated by the audience.

Prasad says, “Many are calling it dark zone film but it’s not. I am confident that this film will break the stigma that such films do not make money at the box-office.”

The also marks the debut of filmmaker Ravi Jadhav into acting. Prasad says that it was during an award  function, he got to spend a lot of time with the filmmaker. “After coming back, I realised that Ravi would fit the father’s character perfectly. I shared my views with my wife and Mandar and they agreed too. Then I met Ravi and shared the story with him.

Ravi, who is very helpful and comes to the assistance of everyone in the film industry, assumed that I have come to him because I wanted a producer or director. But when I told him that I wanted him to act, he was surprised.”

Sachin said that the script was the arresting moment for him because the makers had put in so much complexities in the characters that he got interested immediately.

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