‘Some people don’t realise the value and benefits of water’

Debarati Palit Singh
Sunday, 18 February 2018

Actor Ritvik Arora says that he follows the mantra where he eats what he wants, but works out hard

Ritvik Arora is not only one of the good looking but also among the fittest actors on Indian television. The actor, who plays the lead in Colors’ Tu Aashiqui, follows a simple mantra, “Eat what you want, in the quantity that you want, but work out hard and let it all out.”

Ask him the kind of physical fitness he does in order to stay in shape, and he replies, “I think my passion for dancing has helped me keep my energy levels intact. Besides that, I love doing mixed martial arts and regular weight training, both of which form an integral part of my workout regime.”

Ritvik plays the role of a singing sensation, who has garnered the attention of thousands of people in Tu Aashiqui. The first-time actor says that it therefore became essential for him to stay in shape to justify the role of a rock star.

Owing to an interesting track on his show, Ritvik is working harder on his body and following a strict diet. “Tu Aashiqui has an interesting track coming up wherein I must shoot for some intense action sequences. I want my physique to be in the best possible shape for this schedule and that is why I will be following a liquid diet to take my fitness to another level. According to me, 70 per cent of body fitness depends on the diet that one follows, so I plan to be true to it and stick to suggestions given by my trainer,” he explains.

Describing his fitness regime and workout that he follows through the week, Ritvik says that he mainly focuses on free hand exercises as he doesn’t believe in using machines for exercising. “Having said that, I also do some amount of weight training that helps me maintain my shape,” he says.

The actor adds that given his tight schedule, he is not able to spend more than an hour at the gym. “But the best part is that I have converted my makeup room on the set into a gym. Whenever I get some free time, I exercise to stay fit and keep my mind healthy,” he says. 

Sharing a few tips, he says that water should be the first and last drink of the day for each and every person. “Some people don’t realise the value and benefits of water and depend only on protein shakes. Proper intake for water is a must for blood circulation, good digestion and glowing skin,”  he says.

Talking about his diet, he says, “There are different kinds of diets coming up these days. One of them is the Keto diet. Frankly speaking, I have not given a shot to any of these diets, apart from the liquid diet that I’m trying out for the first time. I believe in a balanced diet with water and healthy juice with no preservatives. I compulsorily drink a glass of juice, every two hours throughout the day.”

The actor says that his work out regime does not allow him to have any cheat days. “But I would love to have all kinds of junk food like pizza or burger if I could indulge in cheat days.”

Before signing off, he says that most of the television actors lack sleep and that’s possibly the reason behind some of them gaining weight. “But I am thankful to my production team for letting me have proper eight hours of sleep every night, and take timely naps through the day; that keeps my energy level up.”

The body part I like working out: My core

The body part I hate working out on: Legs

My best body feature: Shoulder frame

Common mistakes that health conscious people commit: Follow diets blindly
My daily diet: A litre of juices and egg white omelettes
My daily workout is a mix of: Mixed martial arts and weight training

The best body in Bollywood: Vidyut Jamwal

Who or what inspired me to work out: The show and its script inspired me to workout

My fitness mantra: Stick to a routine and stay as stress free as possible

I have cravings for: Nachos!

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