The ‘roots’ of good health

Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 4 February 2018

Ritika Mahtani, founder of Roots, tells you about their natural, organic, healthy treats, which are tasty and also satisfy food cravings

If you are looking for some healthy, wholesome and tasty edibles, try Roots. Ritika Mahtani, who is from Spain and has been living in India for the past six years, always had a passion for food and baking. So after spending several years in the corporate world, she went back to her first love and founded Roots about a year ago. “Health is your biggest asset, so we help you to go back to your ‘Roots’,” says Mahtani.  

While she manages the India operations, her mother has set up a health cafe in Tenerife, Spain, which serves wholesome meals, smoothies and homemade baked goodies. You can place your order on their website or WhatsApp them, and they will deliver the healthy treats right at your doorstep.

Talking about the concept behind Roots, Pune-based Mahtani says that she and her mother have always believed in the saying, ‘You are what you eat’, so they decided to come up with recipes that are not only nourishing and packed with superfoods but also satisfy food cravings. “We aim at breaking the misconception that healthy food is boring,” says Mahtani adding that their healthy treats taste good. She adds that her mother has always been into health and nutrition. And once the mother-daughter duo started experimenting, there was no looking back because of which their menu is constantly expanding and new treats are always emerging from their kitchen. 

Mahtani mentions that their speciality is their Wholesome Homemade Granola (Muesli) and the other available products include Superfood and Berries Energy Balls with Chia Seeds, Healthy Vegan and Paleo Brownies, Caramelised Almond Rocks with Sea Salt and Cranberry and White Chocolate Low Cal Oatmeal Cookies, to name a few. They also customise Health Baskets for all occasions such as weddings, birthdays and baby showers for which you need to give them your budget and they will design it for you. Talking about the process behind making these products, she says that it is simple: “Everything is homemade, we believe in using natural ingredients, with no processed sugars, no refined flour and nothing which comes out of a can!” She says that their secret ingredient is a ton of love!
The health benefits of consuming products which are made using only natural produce are many. As Mahtani points out, “Our bodies are not meant to digest processed and artificial food.” She believes that all diseases stem from poor eating habits. The more processed sugars and refined flour you eat, the more acidic the body becomes. “Eating natural and raw foods, and fresh organic produce will keep the body in an alkaline state,” she says, adding that maintaining an alkaline state will make your body less prone to diseases. By consuming junk food, the digestive system gets converted into a junk storage. It is okay to binge once in a while as long as eating processed foods does not become a habit. The key is to find a balance and the major part of your diet should come from natural food.  

Mahtani is an animal lover and hence a vegetarian. She contributes a large sum of Roots’ profits towards rescue operations and food for strays. They also fund sterilisation  to help control the population of stray dogs. 

To minimise waste and not add to environmental pollution with the use of plastic, Mahatani makes sure that she uses organic paper bags or glass jars to package the products, which range between Rs 300 and 1500 and are available through their Facebook and Instagram pages and on their website at

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