The ‘natural’ way to a glowing skin

Amrita Prasad
Thursday, 26 October 2017

Actress Pooja Hedge reveals the secret to her glowing skin, her skincare regime and the importance of natural remedies.

Her Bollywood debut film Mohenjo Daro may have failed to impress the audience, but actress Pooja Hedge has managed to charm cinegoers with her beauty and grace. The 26-year-old has done a few films in South and landed a special song in Ram Charan starrer Rangasthalam. The actor, who recently became the brand ambassador of Hindustan Unilever’s new skincare brand Citra, shares her beauty secrets with us:

What is the secret to your glowing and radiant skin?
One of the most fundamental things for me is to ensure that my skin is clean and nourished. I never sleep with the make-up on. No matter how tired I am, I always remove my makeup and make sure that I wash my face with a good face wash. We have to be very careful about using good skincare ingredients such as Japanese Green Tea. Since we live in polluted cities, we need to ensure that our pores are clean and our skin breathes.

What beauty regime do you follow regularly?
It is incredibly important to maintain a good skincare regime. Moisturising and cleansing go hand in hand. I like to use a nourishing moistursier with Korean Pink Pearl. I usually prefer less make up — a little lipstick and blush is enough for me.

How important are sleep and diet for a healthy skin?
Very important. It’s easy to neglect these things. I always believe that a strict diet and a nutrition plan is wonderful. I love home food and avoid eating junk, but it’s also okay to give in to cravings sometimes. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Many of us ignore skincare routines resulting in skin problems. I think after joining Bollywood, I am more aware of the need for a healthy and glowing skin. I make an extra effort to moisturise my skin, pamper it and treat it very well. This pampering also involves good amount of rest, sleep and good food.

Do you prefer skin care products sold in the market or natural home remedies for your skin?
As kids, we were all told to use home remedies and natural ingredients. I follow home remedies and skincare products which have natural ingredients in them, hence my association with the brand which has Japanese Green Tea and Korean Pink Pearl. Pink pearl helps renew skin cells and leaves a healthy looking glow on your skin. Green tea helps fight sun damage, and also has properties that help fight pimples.

What are your upcoming projects?
Right now, my priority is doing good films and be continuously working. There is a thrill of being on a big set, creating something new, which I am currently working on.

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