‘My BF is ignoring me and housework for PUBG’

Sakal Times
Sunday, 19 August 2018

Lately my boyfriend is not spending quality time with me nor does he do chores around the house like he used to. And all this is not even happening because of a new girl in his life but because of a game called PUBG. He keeps playing the game when he gets home and I feel like I am missing out on his attention now. He seems to be energetic when he plays the game but as soon as I ask him to help me with some work, he starts acting tired. How am I supposed to pull him out of PUBG which is now making my life a battleground?

For years, men have been perplexed by the question ‘What do women want?’. But that’s clearly because they keep so busy being perplexed that they have no time to find out or even listen to the answer when we tell them. The real question is what do men want?

In your boyfriend’s case, he clearly wants to while away his time playing video games when he has a lady waiting for him at home. He does not want to participate in household chores and prefers to leave you to it so he can stay glued to his game. And that is not okay. 

This pride in behaving like an imbecile comes from the popular phrase ‘Boys will be boys’, which makes them think it’s okay to behave like a child when you’re a full grown adult with responsibilities because hey, you’re a guy, what can you do? Of course, if he was a child, you could have taken away his phone and grounded him. But since you can’t do that, get someone who can — call his mom. Tell her how he’s been behaving and let him get a earful to snap him out of this stupidness. 

If calling on the mother is not an option here, take matters into your own hands. Sit him down and tell him that you’re not going to do his part of the chores, tell him that he needs to grow up. Tell him how his behaviour is hurting your relationship. Tell him to manage his time accordingly so he can play his game, spend time with you and do everything he needs to. He has responsibilities and he needs to snap out of thinking he can just ignore them. 

And when you’re telling him all this, put on the Nicki Minaj attitude, put one hand on your hip and use the other one for hand actions. Go ahead and be a little extra, because you need it to have an impression. Make sure there’s a lot of conviction in your voice, because men like these need some ‘extra’ to wake them up from their metaphorical slumber. To add some visual seriousness, choose a matter-of-fact colour for your lipstick. 

Gamers are inclined to cheat codes, so brace yourself for absolute ridiculousness as he will try to wriggle out of this situation with literally unbelievable excuses, but be firm. Stand your ground. Do this on behalf on all women who have to put up with this ‘treat me like a king’ behaviour.

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