‘Music is food for the soul’

Debarati Palit Singh
Sunday, 22 July 2018

R J Anmol, who has turned singer with the cover Khwab Ho Tum Ya Koi, talks about recreating Dev Anand’s iconic number, why he wasn’t nervous singing Kishore Kumar’s song and his love for actress Rekh

He is a well-known name on radio, hosting the popular retro night show. Now Anmol Sood, aka R J Anmol, has taken the next step towards music. He has sung the cover of Dev Anand’s hit track Khwab Ho Tum Ya Koi (Teen Deviyan) and Rhapsody band has recreated the music. In the video, R J Anmol is shown to be a huge fan of Rekha and therefore wants to interview her. 

Anmol, who is a huge fan of Dev Anand as well, says that his association with the late actor-filmmaker was on a different level. “When I went to Mumbai, I met him and we became friends. He is very close to my heart and when I knew that I had to sing a song, I was completely sure that it would be a Dev saab song. We just had to decide the song,” says Anmol while promoting the track. 

He adds that S D Burman’s composition and Majrooh Sultanpuri’s lyrics further enhanced the beauty of the original song.  “Feels like they have written the song keeping me in mind. It aptly highlights what I feel for Rekhaji. I don’t know if many people know but Rekhaji is also a huge fan of Dev saab.” 

The song was originally sung by the iconic Kishore Kumar and recreating any of his songs can be a huge task for any singer. But Anmol says that he didn’t feel nervous. 

“I always felt that his blessings are with me. While Rhapsody was recreating the song, we were clear that we would not play around with it so as to ruin the song. As far as singing is concerned, Kishoreda is god and I am not even trying to copy him. This song is not about showing off my singing prowess but it’s about my passion. I am no way close to him,” adds Anmol. 

The song has been produced by music label Sa Re Ga Ma and the video is available on their YouTube channel. “All the retro gems are with Sa Re Ga Ma and  Praveenji (Kaushal), the label’s general manager, suggested that I do this cover because my shows on radio, TV and Netflix are all retro based. Also, I thought of doing something that I haven’t done before. Besides, I thought why don’t I bring forward my madness for Rekhaji,” says Anmol. 

Talking about his admiration for Rekha, he says that he fell in love with the Silsila actress after watching her in her hit film Khoon Bhari Maang. “There are two looks of Rekhaji in the film — one simple and another gorgeous. I love the one where she looks simple. She has done several iconic films. From my college days, I started falling in love with the actress. I read her interviews in old magazines. The more I read about her, the greater admiration I had for the individual,” he says. 

Explaining his inclination towards retro music, he says that his parents were also inclined to the genre. “Otherwise it would not have possible to be inclined towards retro music,” he says. Ask him what role does music play in his life and he replies, “I am surrounded by music all the time. Music is food for the soul,” says the RJ.

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