‘It’s a make or break situation for me’

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 24 May 2018

Director of Bucket List  — Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar talks about the movie, casting Madhuri Dixit, and how he has everything going for him and wants to make the best of the opportunity.

After being a part of Bollywood for close to three decades, Madhuri Dixit is finally making her debut in the Marathi film industry with her movie Bucket List. The man who made it possible is young director Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar, who has earlier directed Premsutra and Ajinkya.

During a recent interaction, Tejas said that he had the actress in mind right from the beginning. So did he keep her aura and glamour in mind while writing the script? “In fact, it was the other way round. Her character is non-glam, quite contradictory to her real life self and it was a tough task. We had to take her persona to a level where she looked like any other woman next door,” he says, adding, “We didn’t want to portray her as Madhuri Dixit but as Madhura Sane.”

Bucket List also stars Sumeet Raghavan, Shubha Khote, Renuka Shahane, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Vandana Gupte, Ila Bhate, Pradeep Velankar and Milind Pathak. Releasing on May 25, it’s being produced by Dark Horse Cinemas Pvt Ltd, Dar Media Pvt Ltd and Blue Mustang Creations Pvt Ltd. The film is being presented by Dharma Productions.

Because of the names involved, Tejas says that the film no longer remains limited to the Marathi audience. “Probably this is my intro to big league cinema. This is my calling card,” he says. He adds that as a director, he has learnt that he cannot restrict himself to a particular region and needs a universal appeal. “What better way than making a commercial film without hampering the creative aspect of the story. We have tried to balance the two,” he says.

When you have a top actor in your project, there is always the urge to cross the line of into the commercial world but Tejas says that he never had any such inclination. “Fortunately, for us we just had one song which is shot it in a glamorous way because of the story. But I am sure people will not miss the glam factor because our characters are rooted. They will easily connect with the story and the characters.”

Does he feel a kind of pressure regarding the audiences’ reaction to the film considering it’s Madhuri’s Marathi debut film and Sumeet too has a huge fan following. Tejas says that more than pressure, it’s a huge responsibility. “I did not take any pressure because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to work. It was a kind of make or break situation for me. If I don’t make it this time, people will say, ‘You had got everything but you couldn’t make it work’. It helps when you have such good actors and I have already got a boost because of them and their performances,” he quips.

Experienced actors bring with them a lot while working on any film. He says that his actors had the liberty to improvise but the improvisation did not happen during the takes. “It happened before the takes. Their inputs were part of my work process,” he signs off.

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