‘I wasn’t really conscious about my fitness earlier’

Debarati Palit
Sunday, 8 April 2018

Shantanu Maheshwari, who has created a name for himself with his acting and dancing skills, says that his workout is a mix of yoga, body weight exercises, stretching and of course his daily routine of dancing

Actor-dancer-choreographer Shantanu Maheshwari doesn’t like to call himself a ‘fitness freak’ because he feels that it is nothing more than a part of his daily routine which is necessary for his physical and mental wellbeing. The winner of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 8 says, “Fitness for me is more like a way of life, which I follow regularly to keep myself in the best of health, good shape and keeps me going at all times, even on the hard days.” 

The dancer, who specialises in popping and (liquid) waving, claims that dance is his main exercise, and he doesn’t have to fuss over a strict diet. “My body type is quite different and so is my lifestyle, hence I am lucky enough to be able to eat anything I want and burn it off quickly with my workout and my dance rehearsals, which is somewhat my main form of exercise.”

Shantanu doesn’t believe that to stay in shape one has to cut down on eating what they like. “According to me, being diet conscious comes into the picture when you want to achieve a particular body type for a project. Though, if you maintain a good enough lifestyle, you can eat what you like and manage to stay fit at the same time,” says he.

Shatanu first came into limelight during his acting stint on Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance. He essayed the role of the lead character, Swayam Shekhawat, which was widely appreciated by the audience. The actor says that his daily workout is a mix of yoga, body weight exercises, stretching and of course his daily routine of dancing. “I wasn’t really conscious about my fitness earlier, as according to me, whatever I was working on, with regard to my dance routine, got me in shape anyway. But over time, I realised the importance of improving my strength and stamina, for which I had to build myself a proper fitness regime. And so that’s when I began doing my research about various exercises that would work on my body type. Eventually I became a lot more focused towards getting into good shape,” he shares.

When he took up a job at Celebrity Starrer Box Cricket League (BCL) a few years ago, the physique and fitness levels of quite a few co-actors in his team inspired him to push harder. So, though maintaining a healthy lifestyle in midst of shooting can be challenging, he spends his breaks, and other free time on the set, doing basic exercises or practising his dance, which lifts his mood as well as boosts his metabolism. “And if my room is big enough I work on some basic stretching and push ups. So there is something or the other I keep doing to keep myself moving through the day,” he adds.

His fitness regime:  
The body part I like working out: My legs, as it translates into an overall body workout.

The body part I hate working out on: Again, my legs. They are the toughest to work on, which also leaves me in pain post that for a good 2-3 days.

My best body feature: That would be my back!
Common mistake that health conscious people make: I feel that crash dieting is wrong. Though it seems like a sure-shot factor for quick weight loss, it is in fact quite unhealthy for the body. Instead, I would advise you to eat in moderation, build yourself a good workout regime, and strive to keep  a balance between healthy eating and working out.

My daily diet: My day begins with a glass of warm water. Only after drinking warm water will I eat or drink anything else. Breakfast is usually heavy, so I start the day with an omelette, brown bread toast and a glass of milk. Lunch is always a light meal. Yellow dal, which is a must, a green vegetable and three rotis. Through the day I munch on some chocolate, dry fruits and channa. I have a simple dinner with dal, sabzi, and two rotis or rice.

The best body in Bollywood: Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jamval. They have great bodies with amazing flexibility.

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