‘I was given 2 hours to show my creativity’

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 3 August 2017

...says architect-artist Pameli Khayal who has designed and painted the jacket and guitar that have been gifted to music director Pritam by Shah Rukh Khan

Everyone is waiting for Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma-starrer Jab Harry Met Sejal, which is releasing today. The Imtiaz Ali directorial has created a lot of buzz because of its music and unique storyline. But one more aspect of the film is also being talked about — the guitar and jacket used in the promotions of the film. Architect and artist Pameli Khayal has designed and painted both the guitar and the jacket, which were special gifts given to Pritam by SRK. Khayal, whose art work is part of SRK’s personal collection, says that the actor is a sweetheart and energetic 24 hours and 365 days.
Excerpts from an interview:

The guitar and the jacket have become a huge rage on social media. How does it feel?
Never thought it would become a rage and people all across the world would repost it. Honestly, I kept thinking if they were really talking about me. Later I realised they were indeed talking about me, that it was not a dream. Now I am getting used to it.

What was your reaction when you got the offer to design and paint the jacket?
I am never told from beforehand what has to be done and it’s always a last minute call. I did not even know that it was for SRK. I simply received a message from Karim bhai (Karim Morani) asking me, ‘Can you paint a guitar and the next thing he said was, “Come to Marriott’’. I was about to say that I won’t do anything in haste but before I could say so, I was told that SRK had asked for it. I can’t really refuse the man whom everyone admires. He has been an icon and moreover, I always follow his work rules that say, ‘Acknowledge your insanity’ and that was it.

What was the brief given to you by the makers?
None. I was given a guitar and a jacket by Karim bhai and he said, “Show your creativity, you have two hours.”

How was your experience of meeting Shah Rukh Khan?
Meeting him has always been a joy. I am thankful for the circumstances I have faced in life that made me take a decision to work independently and it has been a blessing for me. He makes anyone’s day bright like sunshine at any time of the day. He is a sweetheart and so energetic 24 hours and 365 days. SRK has three of my art works at Mannat, one in his vanity van, and now these four guitars and the jacket.

Please tell us about how your passion for art began in the first place?
I used to work with the top architects of India but somewhere something was missing. One day I resigned from my job, planning to take a sabbatical and make art and then go back to a job after a while. But the first painting I made was for Chef Vikas Khanna and then I felt that I should make more. One fine day, I met Mohomed Morani at a salon and I wasn’t aware who he was at that time. He got talking to me and later gave me his number. He gave me a challenging task — to create an art piece on a mirror that would never fade. I did that and after that, I have been kept getting my commissioned assignments. Now I think, meeting Morani the day after resigning from my last job was the best thing that happened to me. He has always encouraged my work.
Nothing feels more soothing than creativity. I still practise architecture/interiors but for myself and almost all the projects I have done in the last three years have two to three paintings of mine. So it feels great that I get to follow my dreams and at the same time pursue my passion.

Also, everyone has been so encouraging that it has given me new art goals in life. I am grateful that I was born with this gift.

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