‘I love to focus on quality’

Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Harshdeep Kaur, who has sung the title track of Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi, and Grey Wala Shade and Chonch Ladhiyaan from the upcoming Manmarziyaan, talks about why she chooses only meaningful songs

Harshdeep Kaur has several popular songs under her belt. Right from Ik Onkar (Rang De Basanti), which gave her a golden ticket and gave us a voice that we would forever love, to her other songs which have a Sufism feel, Harshdeep has been winning accolades for her talent. Last week, five of her songs from different movies were released. 

“The action packed week definitely was another high for me. I have never felt this energetic and full of life,” says Harshdeep adding that she feels overwhelmed and overjoyed about the fact that she does something that she thoroughly enjoys — singing and recording. “The feeling that you have  when your song releases is awesome and mind-blowing,” she quips. 

The singer has sung the title track of the recently-released Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi starring Sonakshi Sinha, and Grey Wala Shade and Chonch Ladhiyaan from Manmarziyaan starring Abhishek Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal. 

Harshdeep has been singing from a very young age and her father realised her potential. “I started training in Indian classical music and learnt what music was really about,” she says adding that she actively started participating in many reality shows and made a name for herself. “What I am today is all because of the hard work and effort that my family and I have collectively put in,” she adds. 

Talking about her initial days in Bollywood, Harshdeep says that she steadily climbed the ladder. “Till date, I get compliments for Ik Onkar which I sang for Rang De Basanti and it is awesome to know that people of other faiths also listen to it,” she says. 
Even though Harshdeep is an outsider in the Bollywood music industry she never actually felt like one. “Bollywood is a place where people respect talent and stand in support no matter who you are or where you come from,” she says adding that people in the industry appreciate the best talent. She believes that one can survive in Bollywood only if they have talent along with passion.  

But what keeps her going in an industry with tremendous competition? She tells us that it is less about competition and more about the ability to do something she loves and enjoys. “More than the number of songs, I love to focus on quality, be it the composer or the lyrics,” says Harshdeep adding that she does not want to sing songs that have double meaning or lyrics she does not believe in. She wants to sing songs that she can enjoy listening to even later on in life. “Even though I agree that there is stiff competition in the industry I make it a point to choose songs that I feel will suit me. That said, I believe that the songs choose me,” she adds. 

When asked how does she turn down a song, she says, “Believe it or not, saying ‘no’ to a song is tough but then you have to turn it down.” However, she refuses politely so that there are no hard feelings. 

Besides her singing talent, Harshdeep is also known for her quirky style. During her stage performances, she wears a turban and carries it off with elan. It has become her style statement. “I am a spiritual person. For me, the stage is a pious place so I like wearing the turban. It also helps me show my Punjabi side,” she shares.

In recent times, Punjabi songs have become the heartbeat of Bollywood. About her take on this she says, “Punjabi music is universal because of which people all over the globe enjoy it.” 
Also, Punjabi songs appeal to people of all age groups. “Punjabi music in Bollywood is like crossing the language barrier. It is also versatile and not all songs are about dance, there are slow numbers too which are amazing,” she concludes. 

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