‘I have become more confident’

Debarati Palit
Sunday, 8 October 2017

IT professional Venkat Thamesh does zumba to keep himself fit and healthy

He was never serious about my fitness or health but two years ago, 26-year-old Venkat Thamesh took it upon himself to get fit. The IT professional now rigorously works out at the gym and attends zumba classes as well. Recounting the incident which changed his life, he says, “Two years ago when I shifted job, I met someone I knew from my previous office. During the office meeting, in front of other colleagues, this person said, ‘Thamesh has gained a lot of weight’. That incident kind of changed me and I was determined to lose weight.”

It wasn’t the first time Thamesh wanted to lead a healthy life. “In the past too I had joined the gym but I used to attend the first day and then stop going. But after this incident, I started working out regularly and took my health seriously.”

Apart from the comment from his colleague, Thamesh realised that his body was unhealthy. “If I had breakfast, I couldn’t eat proper lunch because I wasn’t fit. This made me thinking that no matter how much I earn, I won’t be able to enjoy a healthy life.” So he decided to make it a point to workout every day.

Thamesh says that now he goes to the gym daily and in case he misses out on a session, he sweats it out extra hard the next day. “I go to the gym three days a week to do weight training and cardio and the other three days I do zumba.” In fact it was at the gym that Thamesh realised his passion for zumba. “I was always a good dancer but when I started attending zumba sessions, I started enjoying it more. The work outs and zumba classes have helped me get a fit body.” he says.

He credits his trainer Zin Viji Nivarthi, for motivating him. “The gym I go to has zumba classes for it’s members. But my zumba instructor Nivarthi, used to give us a chance to dance to one song on the stage. She would let us conduct the class, which kind of motivated me and the others. In fact seeing me others also got motivated,” he adds.

Thamesh, who has lost 15 ks in the last two years, says that he doesn’t compromise on his eating habits or work outs. “I plan out my parties or get-togethers accordingly so that I don’t miss the gym. Though, I am not very strict about what I eat, I am conscious. Even if I eat a little more today, I work out extra the next day.”

He says since he has started working out, he has become more confident. “People who know me for a long time, look at me with a lot of respect and appreciate my efforts. In fact my attitude towards life has also changed,” he says.

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