‘I follow an old school regimen’

Debarati Palit
Sunday, 22 April 2018

Actor Nikitin Dheer says that he started maintaining a healthy lifestyle right from his teenage years as he knew that he wanted to be fit for life

Nikitin Dheer has one of fittest bodies in the entertainment industry. The actor, who has been part of films like Jodhaa Akbar, Mission Istaanbul, Ready, Dabangg 2, Chennai Express, and Housefull 3 among others,  has created a name for himself because of his physique. He says that fitness is his first love. “I have been into fitness since I was 16. It’s a very important part of my life,” he says. 

Not many know that Nikitin has always been into sports, which played a major role in his life. “I have played football from an early age. Then I got into martial arts, and later started working out at the gym. So I started off pretty early in life as I knew that I wanted to be fit or at least try,” he says. 

When it comes to fitness, the actor says that he has found his balance. “I don’t overdo it. I keep it simple and natural,” says the actor who is currently part of the Star Plus show Ishqbaaaz. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t an easy job, specially with such hectic shifts and long hours of shoots. But Nikitin takes out some time to workout no matter how late he comes from work, or how early he has to leave for another shoot. 

Explaining his regime, he says, “I start my workout at 6 am before going to work and carry my meals from home. In case I’m hungry, I eat whatever I feel like having. As I said, it’s all about balancing. Nothing is extreme for me.”

He says that he follows a ‘traditional’ health regime. “I follow an old school regimen which a weight routine with a little bit of cardio,” he says. But the actor believes that a healthy lifestyle is a good balance between healthy food and exercise. “I think any health regimen is mostly about eating good and nutritional food, which is the key. But I do indulge and do not restrict myself completely,” he says.  

Quick chat 

The body part I like working out: Legs

The body part I hate working out on: None 

My best body feature: Legs and back 

Common mistake that health conscious people do: Push themselves too far 

My daily diet: Combination of carbs, fats, protein and fiber. Low-carb or extreme diets do not work for me.  

My daily workout is a mix of: Bludgeoning weights and martial arts

The best body in Bollywood: My favourite body of all time in Bollywood is Salman Khan because he is perfect. Fitness-wise, I think Akshay Kumar has the fittest body. I look up to both of them.

Who or what inspired me to work out: Sylvester Stallone. As a kid when I watched his movie Rocky, it really inspired me.

I have cravings for: Sadly, sweets. 

My fitness mantra: Maintaining a balance.

On a cheat day: I eat whatever I want.

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