‘I don’t want to lose connect with my audience’

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 11 April 2019

Pushkar Jog, who will be seen in Amazon Prime’s original — Laakhon Mein Ek season 2 — says that he likes to prepare every character he plays

Pushkar Jog is making his digital debut and he is set to surprise his fans and critics. The actor is playing a negative character in Amazon Prime’s original — Laakhon Mein Ek, which also stars Shweta Tripathi Sharma. The second season of the series by Biswa Kalyan Rath, will start streaming today (April 12). Says the actor, “Though it’s a negative character, it’s very interesting. It’s got a different shade. I have mostly played chocolate-boy, romantic hero roles in Marathi films. I, therefore wanted to play something which had a grey shade.” 

The character is a huge change for him post Ti and Ti. “When I posted the pictures on social media, people were like, ‘you don’t look negative’ and I was like, ‘I know that’. I had to take efforts to make them believe that I can play a negative character too,” Pushkar says. 

The actor says that he prepares for every character he plays. “I am not one of those actors who can easily switch on and off a character. I need to prepare for every character I play because I believe acting cannot be taken lightly. You need to prepare and then you can improvise,” he explains. 
He can’t stop gushing about the team. “These people are so fine with the art that they don’t need to act. Even the director of the series Abhishek Sengupta, who has in the past assisted Sujoy Ghosh, wanted it to be as real and natural as possible. We haven’t used any make-up or hair styling, and that gives a raw feeling to the series,” he says. 

As for Shweta, who plays the protagonist, Pushkar says that she is a natural actor. 

Whenever he gets a script, Pushkar looks at it from the audience’s point of view — whether it will connect with them or not. “Whatever character I am playing, is it adding to the content? I think about factors like these. People used to say about me that I can only do dance numbers. So when I was offered Ti and Ti, I had told Mrinal ma’am (Kulkarni) that I won’t dance and only act. The film saw a different side of me (comedy),” says the actor who has also signed two Marathi web series titled Sanam Hotline and Well Done, Baby. Both, says Pushkar, are interesting concepts and something that he hasn’t attempted before. 

Pushkar, who was also part of Marathi Bigg Boss, says that he is open to doing daily soaps. “I have been offered something but we are still working on it,” he says, adding, “All this while, I thought I do not have the temperament for a daily soap. But Maharashtrian audience wants to watch TV.  Also I understood the power of the medium after I came out of the Bigg Boss house. I had gone for a drive to Worli Seaface after being voted out and was mobbed. People may not know all the films that I have done so far but they know about my Bigg Boss journey. I don’t want to lose connect with my audience; it’s very hard to gain fans and followers. When you gain them, maintain the fanbase.” Even the industry is taking him seriously post the reality show, he adds.
Pushkar, who is also planning to produce a Hindi film based on a true story, says that he wants to stay away from Marathi films for the time being. “Marathi films aren’t doing well at the box-office. There are only 10 filmmakers and two corporate houses who are serious about making and releasing the films. Rest come and go,” he says.  
The actor admits that he likes to be around people who are honest to him. “We actors are surrounded by people who unnecessarily praise us for nothing but very few give us the real picture. You obviously need both but I am being around those who have an objective view about my work.”

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