‘I am very picky about films’

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 24 May 2018

Sumeet Raghavan says that he was initially reluctant to play second fiddle in Bucket List, and tells us how he chooses his projects.

After working with Nana Patekar in Aapla Manus, Sumeet Raghavan is set to play Madhuri Dixit’s reel husband in Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar’s Bucket List. The actor, while interacting with ST, said that he plays a character that is career-oriented and sweet. “But after being married for two decades, he takes his relationship for granted. He cares for his wife because she is suffering from an ailment. He wants to wrap up everything and shift to America but his wife refuses to shift with him and revolts. ‘Why should I always be part of your dreams? What about my dreams?’ she says. That’s when they rekindle the dead romance in their life,” says Sumeet.

The actor says that when he read the script for the first time, his reaction was, ‘Why should I do the film?’ “Firstly, it wasn’t the lead role; if I do a Marathi film, I should play the lead. I asked them. Give me one good reason to do the film, I said. Then Tejas said that they can’t think of anyone else. My next question was, ‘Whom were they considering for the title role’? My thought was it had to be someone big. After a couple of days, Tejas said that they have finalised Madhuri and I was like, ‘Ok fine, I am doing the film’. Honestly, it had to be a popular name, otherwise I wouldn’t be comfortable playing second fiddle to a newcomer,” he explains. 

He says that over the months his role too developed. Ask him how he selects projects in Marathi and he says, “I am very picky. Otherwise, the audience would see me in theatres every Friday. I have done only three Marathi films till date. Luckily, I am not offered too many films because probably they know I am choosy.” 

He adds that he is game for any kind of cinema but the film has to be logical. “I do not mind running around the trees with the heroine but there has to be reality,” he says, adding, “I think, there are good content films in Marathi and I am attracted to those kinds. But I am open to doing Sanjay Jadhav kind of films which are completely mad.”

Sumeet says that he is also of the opinion that actors shouldn’t be seen too often, otherwise the audience gets bored of them. While signing a project, the producer matters the most to him. “Because I have seen projects fizzle out as they do not have the money. Also you need to market your films well. No matter how good the movie is, if people don’t know about it, what’s the point? The producer needs to complete the film, give me my money and then the market and screen the movie well. Along with it, the director and story are important. Actually, all these things matter together.”

Talking about his experience of working with Madhuri, he says that he has always been in awe of the actress and her smile. “But what touched me the most was her simplicity. People were going crazy watching her shoot so it was a great feeling working with her,” says the actor who has two other Marathi films set to release this year.

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