‘I am focusing on television at the MOMENT’

Debarati Palit Singh
Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Odiya film actress Prakruti Mishra says that she is enjoying working in television because that’s what she has always wanted to do.

It's double celebrations for actress Prakruti Mishra. She recently bagged the National Awards in Special Mention category for jury Best Actress for her Odia film Hello Arsi, and she has bagged the title role in &TV’s Bitti Businesswali. The actress says that all this happened by chance. “Two days after I signed Bitti Businesswali, the National Award winners were announced. I think the show is very lucky for me,” says the actress, adding that she is pretty excited about the show as it highlights an important issue — financial independence for women. “I am playing a character who wants to become an entrepreneur  because she wants to prove a point and inspire women around her,” says she.
Prakruti already has a flourishing career back in Odisha after delivering hit films like Thukul, ACP Sagarika, Kaunri Kanya, and Bindas Romeo among others. So what caused her interest in television? “Right now I have done some films back home which are about to release. I am not signing anything currently because I am not getting time as I am so stuck here. Having said that, I am focusing on television at the moment,” she says.

Usually actors move from television to films but she has made the shift the other way round which, Prakruti says, is because she doesn't differentiate between the two mediums. “Rather I think films have their own luck. Films release and disappear but many don't get to know about it. But the reach of television is wide as everyone in the house watches it. It’s a bigger medium where you can showcase your talent and connect with the audience,” says the actress who has previously worked in shows like Trideviyaan and Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki. 

The actress adds that with the kind of content being made today it is inspiring a lot of people in real life. “If you are getting an opportunity to help people, why not?”

But the inclination towards television also comes from the fact that Odiya films still haven't got the mainstream status unlike other regional cinema. But the daughter of famous Odiya music director Manmath Mishra says that she doesn't find any competition among regional films. “It's about stories. If Odiya films haven't reached a certain point, it's fine. Maybe the industry is happy with the kind of content being made. Movies are all about art, creativity, not competition,” she says.

Ask her how she would describe the difference between regional films and television and she replies, “Regional films are different and I have thoroughly enjoyed working there. I don't look at the medium because I am playing different characters at the end of the day. I'm enjoying working in television because this is what I've always wanted to do,” she says before signing off.

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