‘I am definitely a self confessed fitness freak’

Debarati Palit Singh
Sunday, 25 March 2018

Actor Rohan Mehra says that his health regime is a balance between healthy eating and regular exercising

The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame actor Rohan Mehra is not only one of the most good looking persons on television right now, but he is also one of the fittest. The actor says that fitness, according to him, is more of a “lifestyle.” “I follow my fitness routine religiously, but that is not only to keep physically fit but also for the betterment of my mental health. My workouts are necessary to be able to function,” says the actor who was also part of Bigg Boss 10.  

Ask him if he will call himself a fitness freak and he replies, “For me, it’s more about being healthy. If that categorises me into being a fitness freak, then yes, I am definitely a fitness freak. The whole idea is to keep my stamina high at all times. Fitness is a way of life for me, and something I enjoy doing to keep my body on the go at all times.”

The actor says that his health regime is a balance between healthy eating and regular exercise. “As the balance is what keeps my body in shape,” says Rohan. 

Talking further about his daily workout routine, he says, “I am currently following an absolute hardcore workout regime. I head to the gym daily at 7 am, do a lot of high repetition workouts which help increase my metabolism and boost my stamina. I also swim regularly, which is helping me keep my immune system in check and build my flexibility. I have also been put on a very strict diet by my trainer to get into better shape at the earliest.”

But his passion for fitness did not develop overnight —it’s something he wanted to do since he graduated from college.

“Since my graduation, I was determined to build up my physique. Also, exercising and eating the right kind of food has been my top priority.  The entertainment industry always requires me to look my fittest and be on the run at all times,” says he. But how does he manage his time between long hours of shooting and working out? The actor shares that he keeps a set of weights in his make-up room. “Whenever I am in the mood for weight lifting, I workout during my shoot breaks. There is a set of track pants that I keep in my room. I use them during breaks when I do my push-ups and pull-ups. But some sort of daily workout is a must for me,” he adds. 

Quick Chat
The body part I like working out: I love working out on my chest, as the result of this workout always makes me happy. 

The body part I hate working out on:  I never look forward to working out on my legs, even though I have to. They are honestly the most painful body part to work on. 

My best body feature:  My biceps. 

Common mistake that fitness freaks make: I feel that people tend to make their own workout regimes without any professional guidance, which is why their form does tend to go wrong. I feel that people should always consult a personal trainer before starting any kind of workout. It is beneficial in the long run.  

My daily diet: Oats with water, one orange, and some green tea which I have as a pre-workout meal. On some days I have two pieces of multi grain bread, three-four egg whites with mint chutney, and a portion of green salad. My post-workout diet consists of five-six egg whites and two scoops of isolate whey protein. My lunch is usually some salad, cooked dal, and on some days I have two pieces of oats bread with four egg whites. My evening snack consists of sweet corn salad with some fresh sweet lime or orange juice. My dinner is usually vegetable soup made with mixed green vegetables and five egg whites. 

The best body in Bollywood: Tiger Shroff. 

Who or what inspired me to work out: I think just seeing Salman Khan’s physique inspired me to follow some great workout regimes.

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