The ‘future’ of beauty

Sakal Times
Wednesday, 6 February 2019

With a deluge of trends taking over social media and an array of product launches in 2019,  Sobiya Moghul, content head, Amazon Beauty and Luxury Beauty, gives you the lowdown on some of the biggest beauty trends

In an ode to the ’90s, everything shiny is back on the table. Shiny, shimmery and metallic are the buzzwords for the season. Jewel-tone shimmers are mesmerising; both in real life and in your Instagram selfie. Say goodbye to all mattes and transform your look with the glow and glitter ushered in by 2019. 

The Korean beauty industry has revolutionised the beauty space and the no make-up look is dominating even fashion runways! Nothing is more appealing than a bare and fresh make-up look that makes you look like a healthier version of yourself. Choosing the correct shade and applying the right amount of make-up is key to getting that lively glow. 

Bare make-up with a healthy glow and loose strands of hair framing the face come back in a Shakespearean heroine look. Pastel and coral cheek tints as well as lip stains evoke a warm feeling of tranquility in our day-to-day hustle. These colours are flattering for most skin tones. 

A swipe of bold lip colour will be the accessory of choice for your dewy look this year. The pigmented glow of the French reds and shimmery pinks play lusciously against your refreshed skin. The fact that search and saves for ‘standout lip colour’ on Pinterest has gone up phenomenally means that we are about to see a lot of bright and fun lips this year.

Fabulous eyelashes are here to stay. Whether its extensions, fake lashes, copious application of castor oil or mascara to add length and thickness, dramatic lashes can add a dash of glamour to your look. Flutter your way into 2019 with next-level lashes for that added oomph.

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