‘Content is very important for me’

Debarati Palit Singh
Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Vikas Grover on his digital debut, his desire to work with Vikram Bhatt and how there are limitations on television

After working in shows like Suhani si Ek Ladki, Bepanaah and Jeet Gayi toh Piyaa Morre, Vikas Grover has made his digital debut through Vikram Bhatt’s controversial web series Maaya 2. The series, which highlights same-sex relationship, stars Leena Jumani and Priyal Gor. 

Vikas says that even when he heard the (bold) concept of the show, he was undeterred. The fact that he was getting a chance to get associated with Vikram Bhatt was a good enough reason for him to do the series. 

“Most actors dream to work with the Bhatt camp, considering they are one of the big directors of the industry,” says Vikas and adds, “After watching the show, one would not find the lesbian relationship any different. It would feel like normal love. I believe everyone has the right to love whoever they want.”

He adds that the show has been shot tastefully and it wouldn’t look like the audience is getting cheap thrills through it. 

The series has been directed by Vikram’s daughter Krishna Bhatt. Vikas says it was a different kind of fun working on the show. “It never felt like we were shooting. We never felt that Krishna is so young and how can we work with her, because she was very professional. We used to have lots of discussion during the breaks,” he says. 

Since the story is focusing on female characters, didi he have any inhibitions before signing the project? “Initially, I wasn’t sure but when I heard the story, I liked it because mine is a very positive character,” Vikas says. 

He also adds that he wanted to be sure of the work before taking up a project in the digital space. “The platform has immense promise and I was waiting for the perfect project to come along. I wanted to be sure of taking up something where I got to deliver. Content is very  important for me. On TV, there are several boundaries but one can experiment in digital space,” he explains.

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