‘Content needs to be impactful’

Alisha Shinde
Friday, 8 February 2019

Mrinmai Kolwalkar who plays the lead in the just released Hindi film End Counter, talks about working in various mediums

A warm personality and a infectious smile — that’s what Mrinmai Kolwalkar is all about. You will probably recall seeing her in the TV series Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. The actress stars in the just released Hindi movie End Counter as a lead actress.

Talking about her character called Renu in End Counter, Mrinmai says that she is a novelist, leading a happy life with Sameer Deshmukh (played by Prashant Narayanan), an encounter specialist, until she discovers that he has been lured into corrupt activities by his friend Datta Salvi (Abhimanyu Singh).

“The movie follows Renu’s journey as she tries to get Sameer out of the mess that he has gotten himself into,” Mrinmai says. What she really liked about the character is that Renu is a very bold woman who is ready to face any challenges that come her way.  “And more importantly, she is very headstrong yet logical which is something that I like in myself too,” she says.

Still, playing the character was a bit challenging for her. “I was given a certain brief about Renu that she is a very mature woman who remains calm and composed even when she is in crisis. I had to work on getting that right. But shooting for the movie was an enriching and learning experience for me,” she says and adds that for her, the dialogues written by Alok Shrivastav are the real highlights of the film. 

When asked what difference does she see between the small screen and Bollywood, Mrinmai says that whatever be the medium, one thing that is constant is commitment. “I have never really differentiated work based on the medium because I believe in giving my best, no matter what the medium is.”

She observes that when it comes to television, an actor is associated with a character for a long time because of which s/he can connect with the audience and that establishes a stable bond between them. 
Mrinmai will soon be seen in an upcoming Alt Balaji webseries as well and has also been a part of a few webseries in the past. Since she has played a variety of roles already, the one thing that she looks out for is how impactful and different the character is in the series.
“I personally like it when the character that I am playing has a glamour quotient to it, because that is how I am even in my off-screen life,” adds Mrinmai. 

Talking about the changing nature of content in the entertainment industry, Mrinmai says that she has always believed that content is something that is influenced by society. “We have a lot of good content coming up. That’s because of the inspiration that people are finding around them and the fact that new talent is being encouraged by a lot of people from within the industry,” she points out. 

Mediums like webseries and OTTs give space for all to grow, bloom and learn and in the process generate good content, she believes. “For a webseries or a movie or even a serial to become a hit with the audience, it is important that the content is impactful,” she says. 

Mrinmai will also be present for the finale of the Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra. Talking about the pageant, she says that she too began her journey in the industry from a beauty pageant, so she understands the importance of the platform that Sakal is providing to all the aspiring beauties. “Women these days have become aware of the opportunities available around them and they are super strong; they know what they want to achieve. They are ready to face the world, and Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra is one such platform that will give them the boost that they need,” Mrinmai concludes. 

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