‘Content most important across mediums’

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 7 December 2017

Director Sidhant Sachdev whose web series Tantra is online, says that the web market is growing real fast

Director Sidhant Sachdev says that while designing content for web, the youth is kept in mind. His web series Tantra is currently online on Vikram Bhatt’s channel VB on the Web. The show which revolves around black magic also stars Aditi Arya, Vidur Anand, Salina Prakash, Karim Hajee and Sandeep Bharadwaj.

Speaking about targeting the youth, he says, “The focus is the youth and the maximum viewers we get the better. We target the weekend, early morning and late night viewers. You have to tap such audience. That’s why I believe that stories need to be young. All our shows including Gehraiyaan or Spotlight have been about about young people. It’s really great if they are watching the shows.”

Unlike television, where production houses can get away showing just anything, makers need to focus on content while working for web. Sidhant, who has also worked on Hadh, Gehraiyaan and Spotlight-2 says that content is important across mediums. “Even filmmakers have started moving towards content-driven projects and this is happening because the audience wants good content. Both multiplex and single screen theatre audiences are asking for more content. It’s the most important factor for a project.”

But will web content become commercially viable anytime soon? The ‘anytime soon’ is now, he says. He adds, “There is no denying that shifts are changing and web is the next big thing. Some of the biggest directors and producers are putting in their money to create web content and a lot of great things are happening. Web is easy entertainment and that’s why Netflix and Amazon are working so well. The market is growing real fast.”

Coming back to Tantra, Sidhant maintains that though their show revolves around black magic, the focus is on revenge drama. “Tantra is primarily a revenge drama. It is about a young girl who is out there to take revenge for her father’s death. She fights her own battles,” he says, adding that the story is beyond tantra and mantra.

He maintains that the young audience loves watching thriller and horror shows. “We are getting around two lakh views every episode and also receiving good comments. They are loving the song and story. We have got a great response with a simple promo on YouTube. The audience is eagerly waiting for the next episode and it’s something which will grow.”

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