‘A song is like a painting’

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 28 June 2018

Singer-composer Sourabh Joshi talks about his gig in Pune, his latest cover Bekaraan and collaborating with his wife Pinky Poonawala

Sourabh Joshi who has sung hit numbers like Bheege Hum, Sukoon Mila, Banjara, is now launching his own band —  Sourabh Joshi Live. He is kickstarting the band’s first gig, in Pune on Saturday at HUB- Lounge Cafe Rooftop, Hinjewadi. The singer says that he will be performing both originals and covers. 

Sourabh, who is performing in the city for the first time, says that he is excited about the gig because Pune is home to youngsters. “There’s a beautiful energy when the crowd is young and I am looking forward to a great gig,” he says, adding, “When the audience appreciates your performance, you try to push more and perform better.” 

Sourabh has done several live performances specially with Rekha Bharadwaj at different platforms. He says while performing with someone like Rekha, his own performance enhances. “Rekha encourages and helps us not just as a singer but also as a musician. Watching her work, we get new experiences and therefore grow and learn. She encourages us to do much better,” says the singer. 

Though Sourabh does live performances regularly, he personally enjoys recording at the studios. “I like the quietness at the studio because I play the guitar. There is a certain kind of calmness in that space,” says the singer who has sung the single Chandni Raat.

Last week, he released a cover of Bekaraan from Saat Khoon Maaf  for which he collaborated with lyricist wife Pinky Poonawala. 

“We were on a holiday to Kashmir and while travelling I thought of this song. We didn’t have the track ready so my wife shot on the original song. After that we created our own track. Bekaraan is one of my favourite tracks. I kind of paid a tribute to Vishal Bharadwaj, who has composed the music for the film,” says Sourabh adding that the composer-filmmaker is his inspiration. “I am highly influenced by Vishal,” he quips.   

Cover songs have become a trend today as we see several singers uploading them on YouTube. However, Sourabh says that his motive behind creating a cover song is to find out ‘what new can he add to it’. “For example in Bekaraan song, we have only used guitar and nothing else. We have tried to create something through it. Usually, in other tracks we use different kind of instruments, but this cover has been kept simple. There are no rhythm instruments,” he says, adding, “We have tried to create something fresh which will be liked by the listeners. We haven’t played around much with the original track.” 

He says these days musicians tweak old songs and remix it and in the bargain the soul of the song gets lost somewhere. The composer-singer says that he tries to keep the soul intact. “A song is like a painting. Each one of us creates our own visual after viewing a painting. We have done the same thing with a song because everyone thinks differently. So, it’s hard to say who is right and wrong.”

This isn’t the first time the singer has collaborated with his wife Pinky and he says it is because their wavelengths match. “I like her writing. I believe that her writing and my composition style match. That’s why we collaborated and now we are married. When it comes to music, our thoughts match,” he says before signing off.

Catch Sourabh Joshi’s performance at HUB- Lounge Cafe Rooftop, 4th floor, Xion Mall, next to Taj Gateway Hotel, Hinjewadi Road, on June 30, from 8 pm onwards

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