‘The camera loves Nawazuddin’

Debarati Palit
Monday, 3 July 2017

Nidhhi Agerwal who is making her acting debut with Munna Michael talks about her co-star Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, her takeaway from the film and how she is working on herself.

Newbie actress Nidhhi Agerwal who is making her Bollywood debut opposite Tiger Shroff in Munna Michael is highly impressed with her co-star. During her visit to the city recently, the actress said, “Tiger is an extremely genuine person and we get along well. Despite doing well in his career, he has no airs about himself. I really like him as a person because he is very down-to-earth.”

Acting alongside Tiger is one thing but matching steps while dancing with him is another thing altogether. Tiger is considered as one of the best dancers in the film industry. “I will admit that it was challenging. You cannot match steps with him so he does his own thing (laughs). That’s why I rehearsed a lot and worked very hard. I had lot of fun in the process,” says the model-turned-actress.

It’s not just Tiger but Nidhhi is also highly excited to share screen with talented actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the Shabbir Khan directorial, releasing on July 21. She said she would observe Nawazuddin to decode his brilliant acting. “It’s so amazing working with him. During the shooting of the film, I would be absorbing every bit of his work, how he approaches a scene, how he prepares before the shoot, his preparation before and after doing the scene.

The camera loves him,” says the actress who plays the role of a dancer in the film. She says that her character Dolly is a very confident, happy person even though her life is not perfect. “She has really big dreams,” she adds.

Nidhhi started off her career as a model. “I had to go through several rounds of auditions for the film. One dancing, then acting. After that, I had to send a video of mine dancing and acting. Though it sounds easy, it wasn’t,” she says.

The actress says that she ended up learning immensely from her first film. “I learned about something as basic as mark, jimmy jib and so many things. One can never forget their first love or movie. Similarly, I can never forget this film because it was my first experience in front of the camera,” she says excitedly.

The actress will soon travel to her hometown Bengaluru for the promotion of the film and even visit her college. “I am so excited about that even though some of the teachers didn’t like me. Now they will be all nice to me (laughs). So many from Christ College have been sending me messages on Instagram that I am an inspiration to them. I am happy,” she smiles.

The actress says that she is focusing on improving herself. “I have been meeting a few people. But I often ask myself, ‘why should anyone sign me?’ Therefore, I am working on myself to enhance my talent. I want to become so good that people will want to work with me. Competition will always exist,” she says and signs off.

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