‘The best feedback comes from home’

Debarati Palit
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Sukriti Kakar, the Kar Gayi Chull singer, talks about competition, and her sisters, among other things 

I am a big believer of independent music,” says playback singer Sukriti Kakar. The singer, who has delivered hit numbers like Zubi Zubi (Naam Shabana), Jise Kehte Pyaar Hai (Noor) and Teri Yaadon Mein, reprise version, (Behen Hogi Teri), says that the audience is accepting indie music. “Listeners are always curious to know what we are up to — whether we are coming up with fresh content or anything different,” says Sukriti. 

She adds that in playback singing, the singer is not the boss. “Someone else is. But when it comes to independent music you are the boss, so you decide on the kind of music you want. That said, I find playback singing amazing.”

The 23-year-old singer believes in being versatile and experimental. “Today, with so much music being produced, listeners have a wide choice. New songs are coming out every day. However, on the flip side, the shelf-life of these songs has reduced,” she says, adding, “So, as a singer, you cannot restrict yourself. I sang a song for Rustom which was a thriller and have done party numbers as well.”

Sukriti is also working on a single, however, she doesn’t want to divulge much. “We want to work on it quickly but I still want to make it my way,” she says. 

The film industry is becoming a competitive place because new singers are making their debut every now and then. While some have managed to survive, others disappeared after a single track. The singer, who has created a niche for herself with her voice, says, “There is no denying that is a lot of competition but it’s happening in a healthy way. But I am an ambitious person because I have lived around people who have been working hard. The music scenario is not the same as it was 10 years ago but I believe one shouldn’t feel intimidated.” 

She further adds, “The trend nowadays is that for a single song there are 5-6 singers. But I think that’s okay because it brings forth the best singer and creativity of the song. At the end of the day, the best voice has to fit. If it fits, then there’s no looking back. The competition inspires me and motivates me to learn more.”

It’s not just outside competition that she has to deal with, but she has competition at home too. Her elder sister Akriti Kakar and twin sister Prakriti are also established  names in the industry. So how does she handle that? 

“There’s no such competition among us. We know what the other is doing. Sometimes, it so happens that she (Prakriti) is offered a song which she can’t sing but I can and vice-versa. But together, we do several concerts and we are trying to brand ourselves as a team.”

With music in their mind does the talk at home also revolves around it? “Yes indeed, it’s always about music. We give a lot of feedback to each other because the best feedback comes from home.”

Sukriti, who has sung the title track of Mubarakan along with Yash Narvekar and Badshah, says, “I got the song six months back and the style was amazing with the Punjabi flavour. The added bonus was singing with Yash who is a good friend of mine. So it was amazing being part of the project.” 

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