‘The audience needs variety’

Debarati Palit Singh
Monday, 11 June 2018

Actor Vivek Dahiya gets talking about his upcoming show Qayamat Ki Raat, collaborating with Ekta Kapoor and fantasy shows

After playing the lead in Star Plus’ Kavach... Kaali Shaktiyon Se, Vivek Dahiya is back as the protagonist in the channel’s upcoming finite show Qayamat ki Raat. The show, which also stars Karishma Tanna and Dipika Kakkar, is going on air from June 23. Vivek, who was also part of the channel’s popular show Ye Hai Mohabbatein, calls Qayamat Ki Raat a fantasy thriller. 

The promos have already created a lot of curiosity among the audience and going by the success of the past fantasy shows on Star Plus, many are expecting this one to work too. Vivek is confident that the story will keep the audience at the edge of their seats.  


Please tell us about Qayamat Ki Raat and your role in the show. 
I am playing Raj, a US returned and very laid-back kind of guy. He is an entrepreneur, running a small business in the US. He is a very practical, pragmatic fellow but at the same time, he is an Indian at heart. Raj has come to India to say no to an arranged marriage alliance fixed by his family and the story proceeds from there.

This is your second finite show after Kavach... As an actor, is finite show an exciting concept?
I like knowing the journey of the story and the character I am playing, and finite shows tend to digress less from the storyline. You know exactly till how long the project will continue and that makes it better for an actor as you are able to visualise your journey and shape your character accordingly.

You are collaborating with Ekta Kapoor for the third time. How has the association been with her?
Fabulous! Ekta and her production house Balaji are currently ruling television as well as the digital space with their shows. It’s always a pleasure to work with Ekta, who is a creative genius when it comes to content. She not only knows which content works but also knows how to market it very well, which is a win-win for an actor. Ekta is a visionary and whenever I have spoken to her, the one thing I’ve always noticed is that she has a very strong business acumen, which is commendable!

According to certain reports, Qayamat Ki Raat is based on witches. Do you personally believe in the idea of supernatural?
It’s not based on witches, so that’s a rumour. Having said that, I don’t know about supernatural powers but I do believe in energies — both positive and negative. I believe that positive energy attracts positivity and the same for negative.

Supernatural shows like Kavach.., Naagin have worked well on television, especially in the finite section. What according to you is the reason?
Kavach.., Naagin and Qayamat Ki Raat actually don’t fall into the same genre. Kavach... was a supernatural show while Qayamat Ki Raat is a fantasy thriller. The audience needs variety and if we look at the shows abroad, there is variety in terms of content for the viewers to choose from. Why shouldn’t it be the same for our Indian audience? Qayamat... is different because we really haven’t had many fantasy shows in India. Fantasy as a genre is artistic and more of a play on imagination, which makes it very different from many other genres such as love stories or mythological shows for instance.

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